How can we go from ordinary everyday superficial consciousness to something profoundly deep like – Enlightenment? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone drew a simple map showing us the steps? Well, that’s exactly what storytellers and writers of wisdom have done all throughout history. Cleverly hidden within their tales of adventure and mystery are possible steps anyone can take to reach Enlightenment.
Rev. Larry shares a fascinating story about a wealthy and arrogant church Bishop who learns of an extraordinary young priest living in the farthest reaches of the diocese. The Bishop’s interest is piqued by stories of this young man and how he has captured the imagination of everyone in his parish. Why is this young priest so compelling? Intrigued (and maybe a wee bit jealous) the Bishop leaves the comfort of his opulent office, goes on a long and uncomfortable journey to meet this young priest, and face-to-face in the young priest’s humble cottage, mystery and magic unfold. Follow this simple but engrossing story about a stodgy Bishop who takes his first steps to Enlightenment. And it’s possible that we just might discover how to make the same journey for ourselves.