Reverend Barbara Winter Martin has been a Unity Truth Student for 35+ years, serving on Unity Boards and sharing her expertise. She has a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology with a concentration in “spiritual practices.” After being ordained as a trans-denominational minister, she continued to serve her Unity community as a replacement speaker and class/workshop presenter while traveling and guest speaking in numerous Unity communities. She also maintained a private counseling/healing practice.

Barbara took all the classes necessary to become a Licensed Unity Teacher while she was serving as Interim Minister at Unity, St. Paul, and later at Unity South, Bloomington, MN. Although she never became an official LUT, upon completing her time in Bloomington, she was asked by Unity World Wide Ministries to serve Unity in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

While minister at Unity Spiritual Center of Central Minnesota for 10+ years, Rev. Barbara grew the community and budget by 600% and oversaw the purchase of an amazing building and grounds. She also facilitated Board Retreats for varied Unity communities.

In January of 2018, she stepped down from full-time church ministry to pursue her passion, sharing her “21st Century Spirituality, Expressing Wholeness” series of talks/workshops which weave psychology and spirituality together in such a way as to facilitate profound healing and personal growth. Her warmth and humor entertain and challenge audiences/students, and her compassionate loving heart connects and inspires. Barbara also maintains a private spiritual counseling/healing practice.