Feed the Seed will show us some principles and techniques that successful people use in their lives. We invite everyone to explore and try some new prosperity techniques for personal enrichment. We believe everyone wants to contribute and so first prosperity must come so that people are better able to give their support and help make Unity of the Sierra a thriving community. Working through the Prosperity Group, everyone who joins in this effort will receive a free, on-line prosperity practices workbook that will assist them in their new prosperity practices. The following is a list of topics to be covered in Feed the Seed for a full year.

Feed the Seed Section Topics

June 7, 2013: Working With Intention. Explore and explain the mind set needed to become prosperous. This will include what works and common mistakes made that are counter-productive. Included is an overview of Edwene Gaines’ 4 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. Click here for June 7th lesson material

July 5, 2013: Simple Abundance Gratitude Journal. Thank God for what you have! The power of giving thanks plus making it in written form has a tremendous effect upon your state of mind; blank journals will be handed out in class.Click here for July 5th lesson material

August 2, 2013: Success Covenant. This is a version of New Year’s Resolutions that brings in the Divine. What can God do for you and what can you do for God? 1st Law: Tithing. Begin experiment (see last section.)     Click here for August 2nd lesson material

September 6, 2013: Generous Service and Contributions. Break up any dams that stop your flow of good. The two flows of prosperity are giving and receiving. Click here for September 6th lesson material

October 4, 2013: You the Creator. Use these techniques to bring the Divine into your mind for powerful assistance.   Click here for October 4th lesson material

November 1, 2013: Prosperity Ahead. Plan and set goals that assist your progress and provide checks, course corrections and follow-through every day. 2nd Law: Goal Setting. Click here for November 1st lesson material

January 3, 2014: Prosperity Board. Build a personal Wheel of Fortune, this class will have the materials ready for each member to complete their own prosperity board. Click here for January 3rd lesson material

February 7, 2014: Forming Prosperous Habits. Take a step each day by feeding the positive. If we learn how to make habits then these steps become simple, short, automatic routines that do not overpower your life. Click here for February 7th lesson material:   17-Habits-Prosperous-Life Power Point Presentation;     17-Habits-Prosperous-Life pdf

March 7, 2014: Clearing the Negative. Become aware of your thoughts and behaviors that may be working against your upcoming success; get rid of the negative; 3rd Law: Forgiveness. Click here for March 7th lesson material

April 4, 2014: Stewardship; Managing What God Gives You. Make sure that the abundance which flows in is managed for success. Hand outs will be given for The Seven Baby Steps.  Click here for April 4th material:  Class Guide Stewardship;    Stewardship Supplemental

May 2, 2014: Personal Affirmative Prayer. Recite your prayer to set a tone of prosperity in your mind at the beginning of each day. This class helps members develop their own personal prosperity prayer. Click here for May 2nd lesson material

June 6 , 2014: The Future Is Coming. Continue to grow and learn. Pay forward your gifts so that others may also thrive. Included is a plan for Prosperity Group Leaders to receive feedback from members and then record successes. We can add results to our testimonies for others to see and edit to improve the course for next year. 4th Law: Divine Purpose. Click here for June 6th lesson material