Transmutation Part Two of Two
by Paula Schneider
In this part of his talk, Fillmore gives a long example or metaphysical interpretation of the story of Jesus at the wedding in Cana in Galilee. In his interpretation, Charles weaves in the Hermetic principle of masculine and feminine. The principle, paraphrased, states that there is a masculine and a feminine component in everything. To learn more about the Hermetic principles, please research the Hermetic doctrines found on the Internet, Wikipedia, books, and other places.
Charles tells us that Cana is a symbol meaning place of reeds, but he doesn’t mention where he got this information. He says that Cana refers to the little reeds in the larynx, the place in the body where we formulate ideas and express them outwardly. He interprets, “in Galilee,” as activity, or more literally to whirl a wheel. Then he references Hindu systems of different nerve centers, or shakras, as well as writings in the book of Ezekiel referring to wheels.
Charles says, “When Jesus went to Cana of Galilee, he went in consciousness.” This is somewhat revelatory, but corresponds nicely to accepted precepts of metaphysical Bible interpretation—everything starts in mind. He continues to go into a lengthy explanation of how this nerve center in the throat is extremely powerful as we feel full of vigor and power after getting energized by our Creator.
He goes on to say that what we are studying is how to change the waters of life. “The nerve fluid in the body is a negative element. It must have another union. There must be a marriage, and that is what the lesson teaches us primarily—that there was a joining in Cana of the fluids of the body with the consciousness of power in the mind. First, we have universal power and substance and then we ‘throw our mind right here into our throat.’” When we do this, we generate a new element—a union of the two. “The fluids of the body will be transmuted, just as you take water, put it into a boiler and, through the application of fire, make steam of it, throw it into a higher rate of activity.”
Charles goes deeper still, and as I read and re-read these sentences, I recognized that this particular teaching is probably not for the casual or naïve Unity student. He details how we transmute in our body, he gives us a process as well as an explanation of what happens during transmutation and why we would want to do this. For this section, I simply must refer the reader to the transcript on Mark Hicks’ web site, as it is lengthy, detailed, and, as stated above, not for the perfunctory reader but for the avid student of the mystical arts.
He tells us that it is necessary that we enter into spiritual consciousness in order to know this marriage of the masculine and feminine. We must have an inner quickening. When we do, a third quality, or a new consciousness of Life will come to us. That is the wine! We are told in the Bible (and I verified Charles’ statement) that the wine Jesus made was better than the wine that was at the wedding before Jesus turned water into wine. Charles tells us it is better because it is infused with greater potentiality. Charles says, “You have thrown the force of Spirit into Substance, and when Substance and Spirit meet, you have the expression which is called the activity of life, the real activity of life.” This activity endures, it is one with the universal life. It has no element of corruption in it.
Charles said beautiful, deeply meaningful things, filled with hope, in this talk. I urge you to go to the site where the transcript is housed, and read it for yourself. It’s much longer than I have room for here in my little corner of the web site. I’ll finish with Charles’ words: We have come into a time when we can lay hold of the powers of mind and the powers of Spirit; when we can change every part of the body, transform the man, through the activity of Spirit and mind.