ORDER is Heaven’s First Law:  Divine Order

by Paula Schneider

Charles Fillmore was having a very good day when he gave this marvelous talk—a lesson that, in my mind, is filled with wisdom and hope.  I truly gobbled up this information!  I know you are wondering, “What kind of order is Charles talking about, and how will I know it when I see it?”  This will become clearer, I hope, as I give my two cents’ worth on the talk.  If you long to know more, please go to TruthUnity, using this link:  https://www.truthunity.net/archives/folders.  And now I will begin with a quote by Fillmore, because I am unable to find the words to say it any better than he did.

“God works through man, his masterpiece.  In the beginning, before the worlds were framed, no doubt every soul had its identity in God; and, no doubt, as a perfect Mind creation, each soul had its part in establishing the order of the heavens over which spiritual man was given power and dominion.”

Charles tells us he believes there is a perfect man identity that has been created in Divine Mind, and in the beginning within that perfect man prototype, if you will, Divine order was established.  He says that today, this law works itself out through the flesh into manifestation.  “Then what?” you ask.  According to Charles, man assumes mastery over himself and the natural elemental forces working in the whole of creation.  Furthermore, it is impossible to predict, based on our present state of evolution, the extent of the power and dominion of the perfect man.

Not only has this law of order been established, Charles tells us that it must be maintained in the process of man’s evolution.  “While manifest man’s consciousness is yet in darkness and disorder, functioning in the natural state, while his powers are yet running wild along the line of personal ambition and the desire for greatness…and while there is no evidence that he has received, in the least degree, the quickening power of Spirit, he is nevertheless held in check by the law of order, and step by step, this law asserts itself when the true unfoldment comes into expression.”  I felt comforted to know this because Charles believed that there is something (God? Divine Mind?) that holds evolution in the palm of its hand, making sure it doesn’t go rogue.

Charles felt that within evolution, the law of Divine order allows man a wide scope of activity.  He gave examples in this section of what I would call free will.  He listed quite a few ways that man suffers when he gets out of alignment with Divine order.  He then tells us that behind all the activity, productive and unproductive, the Divine law of order, justice, and sequence is never affected by outer circumstances.  The opportunity is for man to work with, cooperate fully with, Divine law, which “throws all mind activities into constructive channels, thereby avoiding ruptures, either social or physical.”

Carnal mind, material mind, natural mind—all synonymous of the person who has not begun the spiritual journey and does not yet know the importance of lining up with Divine mind—do not recognize the underlying principles which call forth the expression of life and health.  The Divine law of order attunes the mind of man to the mind of God so that different chords of spiritual life and light and joy may play themselves through one’s life, bringing health and freedom to the whole being.

Finally, I quote Fillmore’s paragraph about what the Divine law of order does for us as it works in the subconscious:

“The Divine law of order working in the sub consciousness unearths buried talents, opens up hidden powers, and paves the way for their expression.  The Divine law of order coordinates the faculties so that new inspirations may come forth and find unhindered recognition and lodgment in the conscious mind.  It always gives deference to the mightier hope, thereby abolishing fear and despair.  Sickness and weakness are never in order.  Health and freedom are always the outworkings of God’s wondrous plan.  In short, while man is undergoing continual change both physically and mentally, the changeless law of order is operating in uniformity according to the measure of his realization.”

Fillmore does go on to share his thoughts on Jesus’ twelve disciples, their symbolic meanings, and how they translate into twelve powers within us.  This information can be found in his later writing of The Twelve Powers of Man.