Articles for Paula’s Corner

I would like to take an opportunity to thank the faithful readers (and some new ones too) of the articles I place in Paula’s Corner. As you know, I hope they provide help, solace, ideas, and techniques for those who might take my words to heart.
The above being my purpose in keeping Paula’s Corner active and dynamic, I’d like to share with you my plan for articles for the rest of 2019, and possibly beyond. As ideas come to me for an article that I feel might be interesting and helpful, I will submit them to Unity of the Sierra. For those two-week periods that an idea has not presented itself to my consciousness, I will submit articles I wrote for the Nevada Appeal in the early 2000’s. All total, in about a 5-year time period, I submitted about 200 articles for the newspaper and they were all published and, to my knowledge based on community feedback, received as deeply inspiring. At that time I was working as a hospice RN, so I wrote what I knew the most about—end-of-life scenarios and problems and solutions. I also strove to include Unity principles in many articles.
You will see some “medical” info in some of my articles. I urge you to look to the deeper meaning in each article—I promise it is there.
Enjoy this new journey. It’s fun for me, too, as I go through my collection to find diamonds and pearls. Let’s get started. Next week (or two weeks), you’ll read one of my favorites, “Will You Recognize Heaven When You Get There?”