Easter Blessings, Beloveds!

My prayer is that the many opportunities for inspiration and revelation that are abundant this Holy Week are revealed to you at the level of your understanding. May you be ready to receive God’s Good! May Christ rise up within you to propel your process of growth in consciousness. And so it is!

The Lenten themes for this week are holy and will clearly support you in diving inward so that you may fully participate in your own transformation. With accompanying Affirmations, they are:

Each day, I am inspired to draw higher and nearer to the perfection of my divine self. – Rev. Paul John Roach

I am on fire with the idea of God and consumed with a desire for greater light and Truth. – Rev. Paula Mekdeci

I observe Holy Communion by keeping the words of Jesus before me, by letting his Truth grow in my mind, and by following in his footsteps. – Betsy Giunti

I allow old error thoughts to be dissolved and washed away from the depths of my being by the resurrection of the Christ. – Rev. Rich Broderhausen

Jesus cast forth his life and body for the regeneration of his people. His spirit in me is indestructible. – Rev. Michael Gott

Today I rest in the awareness of God’s life and perfection within me and around me. – Rev. Temple Hayes

And for Easter Sunday:
Christ Jesus Lives Now!
The Christ of my being is my resurrection and my life. I triumph over every trial. – Rev. Margo Ford

Please join us this week for a very special Easter Sunday Service. We will Release old thought and birth to something Higher. We will come to know our divinity through guided contemplation and sacred ritual. We will celebrate the Kingdom through prayer and music, and claim our right place in Source through divine Understanding.

Blessings abound all around us, but the miracle of Easter is happening within. Know THAT, and miracles will never cease. Love! Light! Peace! Understanding! You are invited to welcome these gifts into your heart as you participate in community. See you there . . .


Toni King
Spiritual Advisor