Greetings, Beloveds!

René Jenkins will be blessing us with healing vibrations and sharing his wisdom on relations this Sunday. WooHoo! Please check out our post on him for more information. I know, especially with René, there will be opportunity for me to deepen my relationship with Source as Love when I allow the wisdom of others to spark my inner divine knowing. This is in alignment with “The Courage to Imagine Love” theme we are exploring during February, and my prayer is that you, too, will take this invitation to go deeper in your experience of the Divine.

But don’t get drawn into the old belief that if something is labeled “deep”, it’s difficult and uncomfortable. In an article titled “I Am Love” by Toni Cardarella posted on, she states that “Love is easy.”:

“Live a Life Full of Love

“Affirmation: My thoughts words, and actions reveal my loving nature.

“Love is easy. Easy-going in the way it glides and unfolds in each of us. Love is yours and mine to feel and give, as it is centered in our very nature.

“But that belief—love is a universal power—can be obscured by all the attention given to romantic love (think Valentine’s Day) or the oft-complicated love we’ve grown to accept in our relationships with family and friends.

“So how about this February—not just one day but all month long—we focus on the power of love.

“Find ways you can draw from the source of love in thoughts, words, and actions every day, and let love’s light and harmony shine.

“Charles Fillmore said of the power of love: ‘It insists that all is good, and by refusing to see anything but good, it causes that quality finally to appear uppermost in itself and in all things.’”

Ms. Cardarella is eloquently explaining what we know to be the Truth. We already are Love. We cannot be anything but what we are at the core of our being; our thoughts, words, and actions reflect the level at which we recognize this about ourselves.

Her introduction of Charles Filmore’s quote into the article is a reminder that not only do we get to choose to deny the power that negative thinking has over us, but we get to deny a negative thought passage into our “bubble of Truth”. We can encapsulate ourselves within a space of knowing our True Nature, and as a beacon of our innate True Nature, see that reflected back to us. The process Fillmore is describing can be restated, “As Love, see Love”.

Like I emphasized in last week’s post:
Love isn’t exclusively one of the Twelve Powers, It also rises above that which we believe we are to show us what we could become, the Christ. In other words, all of the Twelve Powers must be directed by Christ Consciousness; by What. We. Are. . . . Love.

Much LOVE,

Toni King, Spiritual Advisor