Greetings, Beloveds!

Our 2018 journey into “The Courage to Imagine” has begun. Through the Power of Imagination, we have the ability to see divine potential and hold for something Higher. A Higher purpose, a Higher presence of mind, a Higher way – the way of the Christ. This “way” is not unattainable, for it is a way up. The destination is not as important as the Presence you experience as you travel. Live, move, and have your being in awareness of this Presence and your life will unfold gloriously before you.

We all want to make room in our lives for peace, happiness, contentment, and more Good. Everything comes back to consciousness, and our thoughts are the indicator of where our consciousness is. We have the ability to free our minds of the oppressive thoughts that manipulate us and mis-guide our direction, keeping us from our good. If you have ever been a prisoner of your own thoughts, then I know you know what I’m talking about.

When you are recognizing that you’re having thoughts that don’t align with the Highest Truth of What You Are, take the opportunity to look at what some of the beliefs you are holding about yourself and the world that are propelling thoughts of disharmony. Love is What we are. If you don’t feel like you are vibrating as Love, then you are being given the gift of awareness. What do you want to do with gift?

Practice changing your thoughts. Too difficult? Check-in with your emotions. How are you feeling? Where in your body are you feeling it? Want to feel better? Want to release the thoughts and feelings that are holding you down? What is the story you’re telling yourself that seems to make it all okay? Is this story the Highest Truth of you, or is it what your ego needs to hear in order to maintain status quo?

We can use our thoughts and feelings – once we realize they don’t control us – to gauge our own consciousness and manipulate them for our Good. Affirm:

I Am the Master of Me.
My thoughts and emotions serve my Highest Good
I allow Christ-Consciousness to guide my Way.

The focus in February during the year of ‘The Courage to Imagine’ is Love. Even though we have great Guest Speakers lined up for the next few Sundays, I invite you to ponder how their messages relate to the Love that you are. Chris Daniels, aka Reverend Divine, is first on deck talking about ‘Putting Spirit First; The Journey of Letting Go of our Stories’. We’ve been doing a lot of work around Release in our CommUnity lately, so his Talk will really fit right in with what we’ve been practicing.

Won’t you please join us at Unity of the Sierra as we support each other on this path, and have “The Courage to Imagine” with us? We would love to see you there!

Peace and Prosperity to You!
Toni king, Spiritual Advisor