Greetings, Beloveds!

Our 2018 journey into “The Courage to Imagine” has begun. Through the Power of Imagination, we have the ability to see divine potential and hold for something Higher. A Higher purpose, a Higher presence of mind, a Higher way – the way of the Christ. This “way” is not unattainable, for it is a way up. The destination is not as important as the Presence you experience as you travel. Live, move, and have your being in awareness of this Presence and your life will unfold gloriously before you. The path will light up as you take each step, guiding your feet along. This is a leap of Faith. A leap you will have all the support you ask for as you make your “way” in consciousness.

We all want to make room in our lives for peace, happiness, contentment, and more good. Well, there are no secrets in how to accomplish this. Like everything, it all begins with thought. Last Sunday, we talked about how we all have the ability to free our minds of the oppressive thoughts that we allow to manipulate us and mis-guide our direction, keeping us from our good.

Everything comes back to consciousness, and our thoughts are the indicator of where our consciousness is. If you have ever been a prisoner of your own thoughts, then I know you know what I’m talking about. So when you are recognizing that you’re having thoughts that don’t align with the Highest Truth of What You Are, know that these thoughts are oppressive and keeping you from Truth. Practice changing your thoughts.

Last week we delved into the “thought world”, as you can see from this re-cap. This coming Sunday we’ll delve into the “feeling world”. Not to worry, though, it will serve to enlighten-up our moods, not take us into despair. How can we use our feelings to serve our Higher purpose and keep us mindful of the Higher “way”? We can use our feelings – once we realize they don’t control us – to gauge consciousness and manipulate them for our Good. Affirm:

I Am the Master of Me.
My thoughts and emotions serve my Highest Good
I allow Christ-Consciousness to guide my Way.

Won’t you please join us at Unity of the Sierra as we support each other on this path, and have “The Courage to Imagine” with us? We would love to see you there!

Peace and Prosperity to You!
Toni king, Spiritual Advisor