Greetings Beloveds,

I am snuggling into Peace . . . . and it feels good. This year we’re giving our attention to “The Courage to Imagine” as our annual theme for Unity of the Sierra. For the rest of January we will be Imagining Peace, in particular, and I’m feeling pretty comfy about that. Peace is like wearing a warm blanket that melts away the outside cares – or at least puts them into perspective.

Two weeks ago many of us participated in a Burning Bowl ceremony to release old patterns that are no longer serving us, creating space for More. What are you ready to receive into your expanded awareness of All That Is?

Next we were incredibly blessed to have the Alchemists guide us into the New Year with a White Stone Ceremony that gave many of us an opportunity to imagine something greater for the coming year. Through the Power of Imagination, we have the ability to see divine potential and hold for something Higher. A Higher purpose, a Higher presence of mind, clarity and peace.

Continuing to hold the Highest for ourselves and others will remove us from the day-to-day drudgery of thoughts that can muck up our minds. At Unity of the Sierra, we are inviting you to come play with the idea that you are not a prisoner of your thoughts. There is a Higher way – the way of the Christ.

This “way” is not unattainable, for it is a way up. The destination is not as important as the Presence you experience as you travel. Live, move, and have your being more aware of this Presence and your life will unfold gloriously before you. The path will light up as you take each step, guiding your feet along. This is a leap of Faith. A leap you will have all the support you ask for as you make your “way” in consciousness.

I Am ready for More! How about you? Be brave and have the “Courage to Imagine” with me!

Toni King, Spiritual Advisor