Advent Blessings!

This coming Sunday starts the week that we invite, recognize, allow, and claim more Peace in our consciousness and lives. Peace can be found in all areas of Life when we keep our eye single on the Creator. Whatever hardship, challenge or heartache ails you, remembering that you do not ever walk alone may give you the lift needed to do the work that needs to be done by you towards creating a more peaceful Life. As co-Creators, we get to choose the thoughts and feelings that serve divine purpose. We are more powerful than we realize, and now is the time to Be Peace. By choosing Peace in your heart, you become a stand for Peace for all.

As we come to a close of our Year of Abundant Living, I wanted to share excerpts from “Unity: A Quest for Truth”, an Eric Butterworth book that covers the subject. Interestingly enough, there are several mentions of “peace” when considering Abundance! Here’s what he has to say . . . .

Techniques For Abundant Living
By Eric Butterworth
Eric Butterworth was an ordained Unity minister and author of numerous articles and books. The following excerpt is from his book Unity: A Quest for Truth.

Unity is not simply a church to join or a creed to espouse. Unity is a study of religion as a science of living. It is an interpretation of the teachings of Jesus Christ with prime emphasis on practice.
Essentially, Unity is a technique in realizing the abundant life. It consists of thoughts to think, words to speak, positive and creative things to do. Following are some simple yet practical things that you may find helpful. They are given here as a sample of Unity’s emphasis on the practical. These techniques for abundant living are not simply to read, but to affirm and decree in the face of challenging times. They will work for you, if you work for them.
One of the greatest stumbling blocks for many people is forgiveness of wrong-doers, or self-forgiveness and accepting the forgiveness of God. This affirmation will help you to enter into the current of divine love and let its forgiving activity flow freely though you:
Affirm: The forgiving love of God sets me free, and I am at peace.
Reflect: The forgiving love of God now fills my heart and floods my entire being. I let go any thought that others have injured me in any way …
We live in an opulent universe. Supply and success are our rightful inheritance. Prosperity manifests, not by asking God for more, but by conditioning our minds through prayer to accept more of God’s good.
Affirm: God is my all-sufficient resource, my instant, constant and abundant supply.
Reflect: God is my supply, everywhere evenly present, and as immediately available as the air I breathe. The moment a need arises in my life, God’s infinite substance is immediately at hand to fill it …
The Twenty-third Psalm is one of the loveliest poems in all literature. It is spoken in the language of a shepherd, but it easily translates into the language of our experience and need. To the one who is meeting a healing challenge it could have this faith-inspired meaning:
Affirm: The Lord is my health, I can’t be sick. You make me to relax from all tension; You lead me into peace of mind and heart; You restore my zest for living. You guide me into using my body wisely for Your name’s sake. Yea, though I am surrounded by disease and the thought of disease, I will have no fear, for You are with me. Your Truth and life sustain me. You prepare a reserve within me to meet all life’s challenges; You charge my heart with healing life. My energy is unbounded. Surely health and joy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the consciousness of wholeness forever.
Tension and Hurry
How can we find the time to do the things that we want and need to do, and to do them without feeling rushed, hurried or tense? We can prayerfully deny these things as having any part of our life and set a new theme of living in tune with the Infinite.
Affirm: I work without strain, walk without hurry, and live without tension, for I am in tune with the Infinite.
Reflect: I am now established in the peace and poise of Spirit. I do the things I need to do easily, efficiently and effortlessly …
Many of us live under tension and stress, anger, frustration and irritation. It is possible to learn to live with a relaxed and confident spirit, to find calmness and tranquility naturally.
Affirm: I am centered in the dynamic spirit of tranquility. I am refreshed, renewed and at peace with life and with the world.
Reflect: I am serene and undisturbed as I think of my life and affairs. I am undisturbed by doubt and fear. A quiet surge of peace and power flows through me …
We often hear it said that the greatest thing in the world is love, and yet we overlook the fact that love is also the most needed factor in personal an international relationships. God is love, and as God’s child, you are a channel through which the limitless and dynamic energy of love can flow—if you let it.
Affirm: I am a channel for the expression of the infinite love of God.
Reflect: The love in me is God in me. I do not generate love; I simply express it. I do not need to make myself love certain people. I need only to get myself out of the way and let the divine energy of love flow through me, as it is its nature to do …”

Please join us this week for the lovely songstress stylings of longtime Unity Truth Student, Cherie Shipley, as she intertwines music with her metaphysical wisdom. You won’t want to miss this very special Service!

Namaste Beloveds,
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor