As we find ourselves in the midst of November, the month dedicated in Unity for the Power of Release, ask yourself, “What are some changes happening in my life right now and how are they affecting me?” Are these transitions small and easy? Or, big and difficult? And, as we move closer to Thanksgiving, and a Season for Gratitude, can we be grateful for them?


Maybe. If we’re lucky. After all, hind-sight is 20/20. I think that, as Unity Truth Students, we want to look back and see the value that a challenging Transition may have had. In our humanness, we have a tendency to assign meaning to Transition, after-the-fact. We tell ourselves, that if we can find the meaning, the purpose, then all that pain would have been worth it. Sometimes you hear people say that the value of the Life Lesson was so important that they’d do it all over again . . . . Not me! I’m tired. I’m done. I’m over it. Give me easy. Please. But easy isn’t always an option. So while you’re in the midst of your more difficult challenges, sometimes it helps to put it into perspective.


One way is to shift your focus to those who are less fortunate than you. You could find your passion through volunteer work to aid those who are less able than you to deal with their challenges. Sometimes taking your mind off your problems long enough helps you gain perspective, which in turn removes enough of the obstacle that your mind has helped create, that you can then start moving towards a solution-based action plan. You may think, wow, I’ve got some challenges in my life right now, but at least I’m not dealing with trying to sneak my family out of a war-torn country. It’s all relative, right?


But what if you’re just not there yet. You’re experiencing a painful Transition; you are in the depths of it. As a Unity Spiritual Educator, I would remind you about the tools you have at your disposal: Denials and Affirmations, Prayer and Meditation. It’s so important to practice these tools on less difficult transitions, creating a muscle memory so that it is easier to draw upon a deeper level of Faith when things get tough.


Release is your ability to renounce negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs from your consciousness. At one level of consciousness, you can eliminate negativity, but at a higher level, you can avoid negativity. This is your ability to reject that which is not of Spirit. It is a fabulous experience to observe the negative and not be victimized by giving power to it. If practiced enough, you can develop a permanent attitude of “NO” toward all that is untrue and negative. You are adjusting your consciousness to the good, aligning with your Christ-self.


And So It Is!


Toni King
Spiritual Advisor