Blessings, Beloveds!

We had/have so many great Guest Speakers for October and November that I’m finding myself wanting to cram gobs of wonderful, gooey wisdom of the sages into one Talk this coming Sunday. As promised, we’ll be talking about the Power of Zeal – because who doesn’t need a little extra pep as we head into the Holidays – And, we’re going to touch on the Power of Release. Zeal fires-up all the other Twelve Powers of Christ residing within us, and the Power of Release clears the path for greater things to come forward into our lives. These are the Blessings that continually surround us but that we may be closed off to due to the walls that we put up through our judgements and misperceptions. We must connect with Release to allow Zeal to do It’s best work.

One celebrity’s life altering story of the workings of Release may be found here (copy and paste link in web browser to read article):

We are being called Higher, Truth Students! We are at a point in our evolution that urges us to be a greater version of ourselves than what our current habits allow. I invite you to accept this calling. The Universe is inviting you to step up into a role of a Higher responsibility. Not only must we be the change we wish to see, we must hold the space for others as they do the same. AND, we must lend a hand-up to those who struggle to identify the Truth of What They Are. This is all do-able when we connect with our innate Power of Zeal. . . .

. . . . Join me Sunday to find out how. How do we connect with our Higher Selves? How do we establish a Higher Order in our lives? How do we more easily access Joy (hint: Release)? How do we bring Zeal to the forefront of consciousness and use It for personal growth and to support the world around us? You are invited to join the conversation at Unity of the Sierra on Sunday as we talk about using Zeal for our Highest Good.


Many Blessings,
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor