Happy New Year, Beloveds!

We, at Unity of the Sierra, are welcoming in the New Year with a White Stone Ceremony! The source of the white stone is from the biblical era, when a prisoner was released he was given a white stone to symbolize his freedom and to prove that he had indeed paid his debt. As long as he had his white stone, he was assured his freedom from bondage.

When we listen and are willing to overcome whatever block we have created for ourselves, we are not only given all the resources we need by Spirit, we receive an even greater gift – spiritual freedom: our freedom to know that we are made to be Love, to be Peace, to be One.

Affirm: I am made to be Love, to be Peace, to be One.

Scripture goes on to say the newly released prisoner will receive a new name, which will be written on the white stone.
Our name is the essence of who we are.

Stories in Scripture are replete with meaningful names. Moses’s name means “to draw out”. That was the essence of Moses. He was drawn out of the river by the Pharaoh’s daughter and then he was called to draw the children of Israel out bondage in Egypt.

There are many instances of name changes in both the Hebrew and Christian Scripture. When there was a change in someone’s name it was because there was a change in their consciousness, which the new name reflected. After Jacob wrestled all night with the angel, his name was no longer Jacob; it became Israel, which means “to strive with God, to struggle or wrestle with God”.

Names powerfully describe the nature of who we are and the qualities we are to express in our lives.

In the White Stone Ceremony what we are actually doing is allowing Spirit to give us a new name, a new thought a new idea, a symbol, a theme, for this coming year. We can dramatically change and reshape our lives by what we call ourselves. By going within, listening for the still small voice for that new sense of direction, that quality, that nature that Spirit is calling us to step up into.

When the biblical figures names were changed – they showed up in life in a new way because something was calling them deeper to express more of who they were. Likewise, today Spirit is calling us to rise up out of whatever was holding us back to fully commit to expressing all that we are.

Ask yourself these questions:
Am I willing to listen to my inner guidance that will give me information, a theme, a name, an idea that will forward my evolution of consciousness in the coming year?
Am I willing to allow myself to experience new possibilities and a new deepening of who I truly am?
Am I willing to know that this is the year the deepest desires of my heart can manifest?

That is the meaning of the White Stone Ceremony. The white stone represents freedom, setting us personally and emotionally and spiritually free. You are invited to join us this Sunday when we will each seek our inner wisdom and discover Spirit’s purpose for us for the New Year.

In Love and Light,
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor