Hello, Beloveds!

Are you Inspired, yet?! Haha! We’re having a great month Being Inspired at Unity of the Sierra. The real question is, do you have The Courage to Imagine: Being Inspired? As usual, we need to get our own egos out of the way in order to elevate ourselves toward inspiration.

Affirm: I Am Inspired to know my full potential!

We began the process of elevating ourselves last Sunday by letting go of past expectations of the Mother relationship, and realizing that all relationships have the potential for healing, growth, and even joy! By healing our past relationships we can be more present for the relationships we have today. The Key to the Kingdom, when doing the inner work, is to move through painful memories and – through forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude – use them as tools for self-discovery.

There is Power in Truth. And the truth is: all relationships we enter into on this earth plane – including our relationship with self/Self – are to teach us about the One Relationship we are eternally exploring, Source: Father-Mind, Christ, Holy Expression.

We will continue down this path by further exploring the Creative Process by having a conversation about Creativity. Don’t let that word put you off if you don’t believe you are creative. Metaphysically, when we talk about the Creative Process, we are talking about: Mind/Idea/Expression, more commonly known as Father/Son/Holy Spirit.

The Creative Process is Life, Itself. Cosmic, human, earthly-divine.

We commune with the Father-Mind, we aspire to become the Divine Idea-Sonship, and through this process allow the full Expression-Holy Spirit to inspire us to a greater knowing of Truth through the very demonstration of It. And what is more Inspiring than that?! Please join us on the journey and have The Courage to Imagine!
Say it again: I Am Inspired to know my full potential!

And so it is!
And so we let it be!

Toni King, Spiritual Advisor