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I found a treasure on the TruthUnity website that I really must share with you! Author Marjorie M. Mohler was a
“householder” of Unity teachings. That is, she wasn’t a Unity Minister or Teacher, but simply a modern woman living her
life in Principle. She knew her worth and had a strong desire to share her inner wisdom with the Unity Movement. The
following, The Dynamic Power of Gratitude, is one in a series of articles she wrote under the general title, The
Fundamentals of Prayer. Please enjoy this excerpt circa 1935.

Toni king, Spiritual Advisor

The Fundamentals of Prayer
by Marjorie M. Mohler
New Thought Writer

Marjorie M. Mohler was born in Kansas November 29, 1889 but moved to the San Diego are in the 1920s, where she
lived most of her life. She died June 27, 1984.
Marjorie was an independent writer who apparently submitted these articles to Unity in 1935.
In 1963, about the time this photo was taken, she achieved a life-long desire by publishing Brave Heritage, a historical
novel about post-Civil War era reconstruction and struggles among the new settlers. The book is based on her family life
in Wakefield, Kansas.

The Dynamic Power of Gratitude.
Weekly Unity February 9, 1935
Job 22:27, And thou shalt pay thy vows.

Gratitude is one of the most potent, the most soul-stirring and far-reaching emotions there is. He who makes gratitude a
part of his life transforms this world into a veritable paradise of happiness and harmony.
In reality gratitude is a form of blessing. As we persistently radiate this glorious state of mind we are constantly sending
forth a blessing upon everything and everyone with whom we come in contact, a blessing that by all the laws of the
universe returns to bless and prosper us a thousand-fold.
The person who is eternally grateful for the things he already has is open to a far closer and more intimate contact with
God than he who never utters a single word of praise or thanksgiving for the good that surrounds him on every side.
Gratitude is like the leaven to the bread. It is the active quality that not only attracts good things but causes them to
increase as well. Why? Because it harmonizes our finite mind with the cosmic intelligence and acts as the perfect unifier
between ourselves and God.
Only through complying with the law of gratitude can the good that we desire come into expression in our life. It is when
we fail to obey the law that inharmonious conditions arise. Gratitude keeps the mind poised as wings balance a bird in
flight. It prevents our thoughts from slipping into the Slough of Despond—dissatisfaction, discouragement, faultfinding,
and self-pity, and all the rest of the long train of negative thoughts that we all too often permit to dominate our mind.
Ingratitude is the stamp of selfishness. Like criticism it has its origin in a swollen ego and an exaggerated sense of our
own importance. We become so wrapped up in ourselves, so "introverted" that we are blinded to any viewpoint beyond
our own narrow one. Many times such a mental condition in itself is sufficient to cause a nervous breakdown and other
similar ailments. On the other hand, true gratitude feeds our hopes, nourishes our faith, and causes creative power to
become manifest in our affairs as success, prosperity, health, happiness, and love.