Greetings, Beloveds!


This month we get to reveal more of the truth of what we are with the July theme: Claiming Truth. We will celebrate our truth as we reveal the One Truth: there is only One Power in the universe, God the Good; that God is Love and that God is everywhere present; we are created in the image of Love, and as we are all Love, we are all one in this omnipresent God.

In order to reveal this Truth that is living within us, we must be willing to Release what is keeping us from knowing and reflecting this Truth. We must get out of the way!  Affirm:

         I am a dynamic expression of God on the quest
             to know and reveal more of my true self.

This will be a journey of Love, an exploration to find “Home”. Already we know this inward journey will always move us toward a closer walk with the Divine; but as our steps become more intentional – taken on faith – and more of the warm and gooey center of the Divine is revealed to us, Joy will be our experience of discovery. What are you willing to discover on your personal quest?

Claiming Truth is something you can do in any and every moment, although it certainly helps to get clear on what it is you know to be True. Let’s talk about finding clarity on Sunday at Unity of the Sierra. We will be celebrating Everyone this Sunday, so please bring a friend with you to help celebrate and let’s make it a real party!

I Love You All Immensely!

Toni King, Spiritual Advisor



Toni’s schedule for the upcoming week:

Thurs & Fri, 8-11am; Sat, 9-noon