Greetings, Beloveds!

April has been a spectacular month at Unity of the Sierra with two great Guest Speakers followed by the sacredness of Easter. We are so blessed to have this space and one another to enjoy it in, and I couldn’t be happier that you are all my spiritual family – with room for more! When I am feeling the overwhelm of my blessings, I am inspired! I cannot wait to share that inspiration with all of you this Sunday when we further explore our April theme, Being Enough.

Until then, please enjoy this excerpt of an article of the same name . . . .

Being Enough
By Rev. Linda A. Martella-Whitsett
Being enough starts with acts of everyday love, One Humanity Many Stories
Affirmation: I rise up and reclaim my true identity as a sacred being.

Sitting on Cocoa Beach in Florida, my bottom on wet sand, I enjoyed the spot where spent waves lap the land. Warm and foamy water flowed over the lower half of my body. With each receding wave, an accumulation of ocean refuse was deposited around me—lengths of seaweed and shards of shells. I was close enough to the ground to see that among the broken bits were some intact shells, tinier than my pinkie nail. I began inspecting them and then collected them, amused by their diverse designs.

Within minutes I had collected about a dozen tiny half-shells that didn’t come close to filling my open palm. Each one held a minuscule life that had contributed to the well-being of its environment. Small as it was, each one could hold countless grains of sand. I thought, This is abundance. I could count grains of sand and seashells for a lifetime and never reach the last one.

I Am Never Too Small
At times I have felt small in proportion to the population on Earth, and I have questioned what difference I could make. While observing abundant life on the shore, I could see my living, my participating at any moment wherever I am, fulfills my purpose for being.

A tiny organism living in a tiny seashell and a microscopic grain of sand contribute to the vitality and beauty of the shore. I can surely never be too small to contribute.

Let us affirm:
Centered in my awareness of God, the Source and universal mind, I breathe and know I am enough. I am enough of love, power, wisdom, and strength. I am enough of understanding, order, will, and release. I am enough of faith, zeal, imagination, and life. Although I am not all of God, all at once, I am enough of God expressing.

Whenever my personal memories give me the false impression of “not-enoughness,” I deliberately turn from my past and claim my divine identity. Whenever I interpret the words or actions of another as a judgment of my inferiority, I choose to disclaim my errant thoughts in favor of the truth that I am enough. Whenever I experience a failure, setback, or disappointment, I remind myself that I am courageous enough to strive for fulfillment.

I affirm my strength of character to know that every circumstance and every experience appears for love. Love is the great magnet of the universe, my calling to be unified and whole in every experience whether labeled “good” or “bad.” I am enough of divine love for everything and everyone I encounter every day.

And so I AM. And so it is!

May the abundance of the universe be expressed in your life always,
In you, through you, as you . . . .
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor