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This Sunday will be our last opportunity to discuss all things Lent. The following Sundays before Easter, our space will be filled with wonderful Guest Speakers. We are Blessed! But for this week, I’d like to share Unity insights on some of the deeper meanings of this sacred time of preparation of New Birth. Yes! While Christmas is a celebration of Life and the First Coming, Easter is a celebration of the Second Coming in each of us. The dawn of a new era within you is at hand.

Please enjoy this article by Mark Hicks, Founder of We will use this as a springboard on Sunday to get to the root of what is keeping us from experiences God in a more personal way. Sunday Service will be the preparation for which our hearts and minds yearn as we enter into communion with the divine.



Hi Friends –

Most people in Unity have a working understanding of the Law of Mind Action—that what is held in mind eventually is expressed in our experience of life. Fewer people can articulate that Mind Action is a more specific application of the law of cause and effect. In the case of Mind Action, cause is the state of our consciousness and effect is our life experience.

But far fewer people in Unity can articulate Unity’s take on the Christian concept of Grace. That’s a problem because, as Ed Rabel tells us in this 1961 Lenten lecture, Grace transcends the law of cause and effect when one follows what he calls the “Jesus Christ way of living”. Ed Rabel writes,

It simply means that we no longer have to depend upon that state of consciousness for the answer to prayer. Because when we are depending upon the state of consciousness then we get to what are called specific results. But when we are depending entirely upon God’s Grace, the answer to every prayer is something far greater then our present state of consciousness could have conceived.

If that sounds like the slaying of a sacred cow, it is. For there is no more of a given dogma in Unity than “principle” #3, that we create our experience by the activity of our thinking. Mind Action is a dogma that needs to be challenged. That we create our experiences by the activity of our thinking seems to be obvious when talking about loving relationships, prosperous opportunities and healthy bodies. But it doesn’t work so well when our experience includes childhood cancer, genocide, earthquake and epidemic disease. When our experience goes there, we need to focus on transformation of evil to the greater good. That requires Grace.

We are ill prepared for such things when Unity teaches that all conditions occur solely because of our thought processes. That is what I call “Godless Metaphysics”—an application of Mind Action with no awareness of a loving, transcendent, Father-Mother God. One contemporary teacher says today “The concept of Grace remains loaded with concepts and ideas that arise from the theological traditions in which we were raised. This is clearly discerned in the excerpts above that would lead one to believe that Grace is something bestowed upon us by a separate God. We do not have to earn it because we are It!”

Well, we aren’t It. We are the Christ, not the Almighty. For, as Jesus is to have said, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father doing: for what things soever he doeth, these the Son also doeth in like manner. For the Father loveth the Son, and showeth him all things that himself doeth: and greater works than these will he show him, that ye may marvel.” We don’t need to earn it because, as Ed Rabel repeatedly says, and as Jesus says in this passage, it’s because God loves us.

And, as Charles Fillmore commented on this passage, “The Father is the great source of all light and all understanding, and the Son is the idea that expresses the light and the wisdom of God. The Son is the idea of God-Mind, of man in his perfection. Under divine law man makes manifest what God has in His mind.” Our Mind Action may be a powerful agent, but, with Grace, we manifest what is in God’s mind, not our mind.

This essay by Ed Rabel challenges the Law of Mind Action in the same way that Jesus challenged Hebraic Law: “Think not that I came to destroy the law or the prophets: I came not to destroy, but to fulfil.” Ed writes, “And now folks, let us give a prayer of thanksgiving for this greater dimension of the law. This dimension which transcends cause and effect. This activity of the law which does not depend entirely on our state of consciousness but depends upon God’s never failing love and understanding, which is called His Grace.”

So, I believe this lenten lecture by Ed Rabel is vitally important for anyone who practices the Law of Mind Action. He says “The purpose of our lesson this morning will be to explain what the grace of God is and how it can be experienced by any person who is willing to go through the acceptance of it.”

Religious movements make mistakes. This one I’m bringing up about Mind Action is small compared to what Augustine and Calvin have done with Grace. Augustine taught that we are so burdened by sin that without grace we are incapable of living fully. Calvin took Augustine’s position to mean that God chooses some of us for salvation (though Grace) and others for eternal damnation (by withholding Grace). So, instead of Godless Metaphysics, Calvinism has given us Heartless Theology.

The Fillmore teachings at least show how through Mind Action we have the capacity for health, happiness, peace and prosperity. If we are open to Jesus’ teaching on Grace then we will know an access to a source for dealing with cancer, genocide, earthquake and pestilence.

I believe there are at least 50-100 million north Americans who are fed-up with total depravity and eternal damnation. Mind Action is their gateway to the Fillmore teachings. Grace, as a greater dimension of the law of cause and effect, will give them a home.


Sunday, March 24, 2019