Greetings Beloveds,

Lucky for us, we have Chris Daniels as our Guest Speaker this week! As you may
have heard, Chris will be addressing our habit of intellectualizing our spirituality
and how we can shift toward an experiential spirituality. In alignment with this
work, Charles Fillmore, in his book: Keep A True Lent, writes of “Spiritualizing the

“WE HAVE NO independent mind; there is only universal Mind, but we have
consciousness in that mind and we have control over that consciousness. We
have control over our own thoughts, and our thoughts make up our

“First we disentangle our thoughts from the flesh and lift them up to Spirit. We
hold them steady in spiritual consciousness until they begin to get hold of Spirit
essence, Spirit power, Spirit love. Everything that we see in the manifest world
comes from this one Spirit-mind

“We must soon come to a place in our social and economic evolution where the
earth and all that it has will be recognized in a larger way, and become an integral
part of our life.

“God is omnipresent, God is intelligence, just as much in the mind as anywhere.
The blessing of the I AM consciousness brings out the intelligence that has the
greatest ruling power. But we find also that we must bless not only the body but
everything connected with it.

“Each individual must have his first awakening to the truth that God is
everywhere and that, regardless of surroundings, God is omnipresent Spirit-mind.

The great lesson for us is to know that God is everywhere evenly present, no
matter how material the surroundings may seem to be.”

In and through this realization, we come to know ourselves and one another as
equally worthy of expressing God. We are all children of the One Source; in all we
think, say and do, God is present. So when we connect with one another, we are
seeing each other – whether we realize it in the moment or not – as a reflection
of the Creator. These exchanges are worthy of Easter celebration!

In Lent we are preparing the way of the Lord(within). And we do that most
notably by acknowledging this re-birth in ourselves and in one another. Please
join us with Chris Daniels this Sunday and celebrate together with Unity of the

Toni King, Spiritual Advisor