Blessings, Beloveds!

I! Am! Inspired! I say this loudly and with force to awaken my mind to the possibilities this Affirmation will enliven in my thoughts. i. am. inspired. I say quietly, a whisper to my soul to awaken the stirrings that slumber deep within. This month, in our Courage to Imagine series we will be exploring what it means to be Inspired.

We’re starting the month off with a visit from the “inspiring” Reverend Phillip Pierson, who will be taking us on a journey to the very place from whence we came. This is where it all starts, and this is from which we establish our foundation – as a race, and as individuals of the One True Source.

Then, Mother’s Day, will be devoted to the women who did more than sing lullabies and bandage our scraped knees. They inspired us to do better and be more. They gave us life and then allowed God to take over in our quest to discover ourselves. They overcame; and they ask that we do the same.

The following week will be a conversation about Creativity. Don’t let that put you off if you don’t believe you are creative. Metaphysically, when we talk about Creativity, we are talking about the Creative Process: Mind/Idea/Expression, more commonly known as Father/Son/Holy Spirit. Life, Itself. Cosmic, earthly, human.

We commune with the Father-Mind, we aspire to become the Divine Idea-Sonship, and through this process allow the full Expression-Holy Spirit to inspire us to a greater knowing of Truth through the very demonstration of It. And what is more Inspiring than that?! Please join us on the journey and have The Courage to Imagine!

Toni King, Spiritual Advisor