Greetings, Beloveds!

Well, we’ve gotten ourselves through the holidays by virtue of our beautiful and
rich tradition of Unity rituals and ceremonies. Now, as Truth students, it’s
incumbent upon us to multiply the Love and Light with which we are now re-born
and gain momentum in the New Year; first by continuing the inward journey (the
way of the mystic), and then by being the example for spiritual strength (the way
of the warrior).

As we die to the old and open to the new, we become aware of the opportunity
to fine tune the lens through which we see and understand our world. 2020 will
be about just that: developing vision.

Perfect Vision: Seeing Through a Spiritual Lens

We’ve been told that 20-20 vision is perfect, but for the year 2020, let’s expand
the definition. Perfect vision has nothing to do with how far our eyes can focus
without assistance. It’s all in how we see the world.

People who wear rose-colored glasses see only the good in people and
circumstances. Those with a gloomy outlook are focused on what might go wrong.
We all see the world through a particular lens, and we can choose what it is.

The annual theme for Unity in 2020— “Perfect Vision: Seeing Through a Spiritual
Lens”— reminds us of those choices. Each monthly section is focused on a
particular way of seeing the world or looking for specific qualities in events and

What Is Looking Clearly?

Looking clearly links the seer and the seen. We are no longer separate from our
environment or from ourselves. Distractions fall away, our thoughts become
calmer, and we literally see with new eyes.

Through seeing clearly, we are open to a greater sense of being alive. This is what
Jesus was encouraging us to do when he asked his disciples, “Stay awake, watch,
and pray.”

“How Do We Practice Looking Clearly?”
By Rev. Paul John Roach

I am a birdwatcher and love to sit in my yard or go out on walks looking for birds.
When I first look, little is to be seen. But as I settle in, a stillness and attentiveness
develop and I begin to notice the breeze, the movement of leaves and insects,
and yes, the birds.

Looking clearly is patient and expansive. It allows and notices. It connects us to a
deeper awareness of what is in and around us.

How Do We Practice This Special Kind of Looking?

First, by being willing to be present to what is, without analysis or judgment.
There is tremendous power in simply noticing.

Then, relax into the deeper sense of spaciousness and peace that arises from this

It may sound too Zen to say look without looking. It simply means letting go of
striving and searching and instead being ourselves naturally and effortlessly.

Mystic and social activist Father Richard Rohr captures this perfectly in his
translation of 2 Corinthians 3:18: “Our unveiled gaze receives and reflects the
brightness of God.”

Yes, our choice to look, honestly and without expectation, unites us with the
glorious oneness of all things, and we awaken to deep peace in our souls.

Please join us in 2020 as we rejoice in learning to see with new eyes!

Toni King, Spiritual Advisor

Toni will be at the Center @1933 California St. on Thurs. & Fri. mornings in the
upcoming week, 8-11am.