Greetings, Beloveds!

The late American Protestant minister and author Dr Norman Vincent Peale once wrote, ‘There is a spiritual giant within you, which is always struggling to burst its way out of the prison you have made for it.’ That spiritual giant is a power—a potentiality—of which perhaps you are not even aware. Or, maybe you are very aware of a sense that there is greatness within you. . . just waiting to be released. This “spiritual giant” as Dr. Peale put it can remake you in every way. Call it God or the spirit of life, or Being itself, there is an almighty power and presence that is capable of making all-things new; our Highest Good filling us with new Life.

A successful and progressive Life is a continual process of ‘letting go and letting be’. There is a certain rhythm to Life and Nature, and that rhythm is one of … letting go … and letting be. Yes, letting go—so that the ‘new’ may manifest, the ‘old’ must go. As we arrive at the New Year, I ask you this: how willing are you to let go of all that is holding you back?

Bad habits, addictions, negative thoughts and emotions, even unhealthy relationships. Most of us resist change, largely because we fear the unknown of what’s on the other side. But also because change—real, meaningful change in our lives—is never easy, at the very least, it’s uncomfortable. We make so many excuses for not giving up what is bad for us. We even say, “I can’t change”. Which of course isn’t true. The way you are now may well be the way you have been for quite some time but it is not the Highest Truth of your Being.

Paramahansa Yogananda said, “Is a diamond less valuable because it is covered with mud? God sees the changeless beauty of our souls. He knows we are not our mistakes.” Keep that in mind as you examine your insides.

And so, this Sunday, we throw what no longer serves into the Burning Bowl; the fire, a symbol of purifying the mind. We’ll perform a ritual to help let go of old hurts, grudges, resentments, regrets and suffering; to relinquish anything that is holding us back, anything that we wish to eliminate in order to be ready to accept the New. New ideas, revelations, inspirations, resolutions.

In many religions fire is a symbol of purification and transformation–and power! In preparation of the Burning Bowl Ceremony, we will do a guided meditation in which you’ll have the opportunity to go within and seek out what it is that you’ve been holding onto before releasing it into the fire.

If you do so in a sincere, meaningful way, the ritual will help you to effect real, deep change in your life—and we all need that. Charles Fillmore said, “We must learn to let go, to give up, to make room for the things we have prayed for and desired.” And Saint Paul wrote, “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Rom 12: 2). That is what the Burning Bowl Ceremony is preparing us for —transformation and renewal. It all begins in the mind.

Blessings, Dear Ones, readying for your journey into the New Year! Make it a good one, carrying the Blessings we’ve received in Advent with you: Faith, Peace, Love, and Joy. I hope to see you Sunday ready and willing to let go, let be, and allow for More.

In Faith,
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor

Toni’s Schedule in the upcoming week will be Thursday and Friday at our Unity Center, 8:00am-11:00am.