Greetings, Beloveds!

As I sit here contemplating of my love for all of you and the commUnity we have built together, in consciousness as well as in the physical realm, I easily and effortlessly slip into a state of joy. We are stronger together because we can lean on one-another for support as we hold the Highest Truth. As expressions of One Mind, we radiate Light and reflect this Light for each other. This Light is of Source and allows the Love that we are to shine. When I meditate on all of you and see your bright lights in my mind’s eye, I am awakening Joy!

Our December theme for “One Humanity, Many Stories” is Awakening Joy.
For each of you, I affirm:
I am a perfect child of God, filled with wisdom, peace, joy, and light.

But for me, joy also comes as a result of diving into my unhealed pain as much as when I focus on love. When I am triggered by life’s events, I sit with my disappointment or my sadness as soon as possible. I believe it is so important to honor all our feelings by recognizing them and then giving them time and space to whisper their sorrow to our souls. Listening nonjudgmentally provides the crack in the armor that allows in the Light.

Once Light hits anything, the mark of Love is upon it. Loves heals all wounds, but sometimes the healing process takes a little more time than we’re comfortable with in the moment. To sustain us, comes Joy. I am able delve into my sorrow, because I know that God is there, too. God is my Comfort and my Guide, always leading me to a banquet of plenty. Love is at the head of this banquet table; at the opposite end sits Joy.

When meeting a difficult challenge, greet it with open arms and allow it to show you your opportunity for growing in consciousness. By focusing on your heart, you connect the spark of divinity already within you with Everlasting Presence. This opens up a channel for you to receive More. More wisdom, peace, joy, and light! God is there (here and now!) showing you more possibilities than anyone could ever imagine without this connection. This is the Kingdom that is spoken of in scripture, and it is your birthright as a divine child of the One True Source, Creator-God.

Affirm for yourself, “I am a perfect child of God, filled with wisdom, peace, joy, and light.”

This week, we are following our regular Advent schedule by knowing and celebrating ourselves as Peace. Please join us Sunday morning for our conversation, “As a Perfect Child of God, I Am Peace!”

Abundant Blessings!
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor

Toni’s office hours this upcoming week at Unity of the Sierra:
Tues., 8-10am, with board meeting beginning at 10am
Thurs. & Fri., 8-11am. Please stop by and say hello!