Greetings, Beloveds!

As we are busying ourselves with Thanksgiving preparations and the ensuing manifestations of the camaraderie of loved ones, I’d like to take us back to center for a moment of realization of the Truth through which we live, move, and have our being. Divine Mind, Source, Living Truth, Mother-Father God, we are steeped in Gratitude for knowing that wherever we are and whatever we are doing, we are not alone; for we gracefully open to the experience of allowing the Presence to permeate our minds and direct our thoughts, right here, right now!

So, we easily transition our focus from Gratitude to Faith. Our November Affirmation, “I am gratefully and wonderfully blessed” moves into “I am a perfect child of God, filled with wisdom, peace, joy, and light.” To know these truths about ourselves, we must have Faith! With Advent beginning this coming Sunday, we are now in the mode of “Prepare ye the way!” And it all begins with a little faith . . . .

A few weeks ago, I found a treasure on the TruthUnity website that I was compelled, by my sheer excitement, to share with you! Author Marjorie M. Mohler was a “householder” of Unity teachings. That is, she wasn’t a Unity Minister or Teacher, but simply a modern woman living her life in Principle. She knew her worth and had a strong desire to share her inner wisdom with the Unity Movement. The following article, The Faith That Knows, is one in a series of six articles she wrote under the general title, The Fundamentals of Prayer. Please enjoy this excerpt, circa 1935.

Toni king, Spiritual Advisor

The Fundamentals of Prayer
by Marjorie M. Mohler
New Thought Writer

Chula Vista Star-News
Marjorie M. Mohler was born in Kansas November 29, 1889 but moved to the San Diego are in the 1920s, where she lived most of her life. She died June 27, 1984.
Marjorie was an independent writer who apparently submitted these articles to Unity in 1935.
In 1963, about the time this photo was taken, she achieved a life-long desire by publishing Brave Heritage, a historical novel about post-Civil War era reconstruction and struggles among the new settlers. The book is based on her family life in Wakefield, Kansas.

The Faith that Knows.
Weekly Unity February 2, 1935

22:27and he will hear thee

We have seen how to establish our unity with divine will through having a definite period each day in which to train our outer senses to be still and listen to the “still small voice” within. When we have established conscious contact with God we may state our prayer in clear, concise words.

Now comes the promise that we shall be heard. What a positive statement! Yet many of us fall short of realizing this big vital truth. We enter the silence and make our prayers only to return to our daily tasks with the same negative attitude of mind as before. Then we wonder why we fail to demonstrate that which we seek. The truth is that we have dwelt so long on the material side of life, so long permitted the little imps of “ifs” and “buts” to dominate our reasoning minds and crowd out the deeper cosmic “knowing” that it takes real mental discipline to change the channel of our thought and lift it into a true conception of perfection. “But,” we argue, “suppose this should happen” or “What if that should come about”—and away flies our faith like a puff of smoke. All the good work done in the silence period is thereby annulled.

True faith is not a reasoning faculty. It is not something born in the objective mind. It is something much more vital than that. It is a deep-seated emotion, a spiritual quality that knows no argument or reason. This is a very important distinction and one that we must fix firmly in our consciousness. The objective mind strives always to ascertain the why and wherefore of things, while faith accepts, often blindly. And unless you have faith it is useless to expect anything of the Lord (law).

“But,” you ask, “how can one who lacks faith acquire this dynamic attitude?” You do not need to acquire it; you already have it. If this were not so you would not draw another breath, take another step, eat another bite of food. You could not even live. You do not question whether you can do any of these things. You do not doubt that the sun will rise on the morrow. You are not concerned when you plant radish seeds lest they grow into roses.

Your faith is really boundless when you stop to think about it. Then why not accept it further? “Ah, but those things are governed by law, “you say. “It is natural for the sun to shine, for us to walk upright, and so on.” My friends, it is just as natural for God to give us all His blessings as it is for Him to give us just one or two.

It is left to us how many of these blessings we shall accept. For that which we believe with deep conviction we shall surely experience.

As each good quality has an opposing negative aspect so the opposite of faith is fear. Fear is the bugaboo that paralyzes every impulse to do the good that we would do but do not do because of its damning forces. If we truly want to live a successful, triumphant life, it is our business to weed out every vestige of this lurking evil and turn it into constructive belief.

To strengthen our wabbly faith let us think on the good things that we already possess. Consider how they came into our life. We shall be surprised at the number of wonderful blessings we have been taking for granted—things to which we have never given a thought. Everything we have ever experienced and thoroughly enjoyed, from a jolly picnic to the acquiring of a new gown or piece of furniture, has come to us not through doubting fears, but because of confidence in some one or some thing.

How much greater is our joy when we consciously place our trust on a high plane. “Faith,” declared Paul, “is assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen…. By faith we understand that the worlds have been framed.”

Could a bird fly across the sky without faith that its wings are strong enough to bear it up? Then why cannot we exercise unswerving confidence that the great universal intelligence is sustaining us and will surely guide our steps aright if we but trust it implicitly, as do the birds of the air?

“Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be fearful.” Put your faith to work today. For every fearful thought have ready a positive statement that will stamp it out of your mind forever. Have faith that the same wisdom that created every cell of your marvelous body can restore it to perfect health. Give God a chance by placing yourself wholly and completely in His hands.

The same unfailing law applies also to your supply. If God had not wished you to have an overflowing abundance of His manifold blessings, He never would have permitted their creation.

Above all, have faith in yourself, not in your material self but in your spiritual self, which is perfect. In Truth this self is the very essence of your being. It is the Christ in you that can accomplish every good thing that you can conceive if you trust it and give it outlet through your right attitude.

An established attitude of faith brings poise of mind, stills fretful, jumpy nerves, gives the bodily organs a chance to function in harmony with the laws of nature. Faith is the very foundation of healing; it is the corner stone of supply Only in the calm, peaceful state of mind that comes from perfect faith can we hear the guiding voice within. That is why it is so essential that we should make our connection with infinite Mind before we utter a request.

When we leave a period of silent “listening in,” even though we have not asked for a single thing, we are flooded with a feeling of power and well-being. The world seems different; we are translated into a different realm. We are imbued with a feeling of peace that nothing can shake, our thoughts are thrilled with life, and our entire body is filled with light.

It was this unquestioning, unswerving, absolutely unshakable trust that gave such power to the words of the Master. In all His teachings is the constant reminder to have faith; that without faith we can do nothing. Real faith needs no reasoning, for it knows, and knows that it knows. Let us have more faith in faith. In a deep-seated consciousness of perfect trust we shall experience the joys the untold blessings that are never-failing fruits of faith. This is the true beginning of the law and the second fundamental step toward attainment.
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