Greetings Beloveds,

Coming home to Spirit is the epitome of comfort. Through struggle and strife, any and all challenges you may face, big or small, life altering or even the barely noticeable, God is with you through it all. Our part is nothing more than to let go and allow; ask and be open to receive the gift of spiritual comfort. This month, our theme is Finding Comfort.

“The Christ Presence is my guide, my strength, and my comfort.”

Metaphysical meaning of strength (Revealing Word)
“strength–The energy of God. Freedom from weakness; stability of character; power to withstand temptation; capacity to accomplish. Strength is physical, mental, and spiritual. All strength originates in Spirit, the thought and the word spiritually expressed being the manifestation.”

When facing any adversity, accessing our spiritual faculty of Strength begins with an intentional letting-go-of the need to control the situation. Strength is found in the space between letting go and allowing. In Christ-consciousness, Strength is what we are. You may experience the process of recognizing yourself as Strength like a barometer of transformation with subtle beginnings maturing toward a heightened experience of freedom – “The energy of God.”

As we go within – as we go Home – to find Strength, the very character of our being is strengthened. The outward expression of this newly fortified character may be witnessed by others as peace, calm, and Presence. As Strength, you know yourSelf in Stillness; becoming the eye of the storm, you are unattached to the thought-chaos swarming around you. Emotions move through you with no need to attach to them. Navigating Life is now beautiful and you understand God’s grace because you effortlessly live, move, and have your being as That.

Earlier in the month we discussed having the Christ Presence as our divine guide. This week we will look at how Strength is at hand and how we are already using this spiritual faculty for Finding Comfort. May Creator-Source be your Guide and your Strength. May you walk in Beauty, Peace, and Joy. May you know the gifts of the Christ Presence and experience comfort in your life. This wisdom is already within you,

Welcome Home,
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor

Toni’s schedule for the upcoming week:
Thurs.& Fri., 8-11AM | Sat., 11/2: An Invitation for Change Meeting here at the church, 10AM.