Greetings, Beloveds!

I cannot tell you how comforting it is to know that at Unity of the Sierra, we may not intimately know the story of everyone who walks through our door, but we can lovingly accept one another as children of God and see the Christ Light in every face. I affirm that each of you holds the Highest, as do I, for all our brothers and sisters, whatever their personal challenge may be.

Affirmation: The Christ Presence is my guide, my strength, and my comfort.

You may have felt a bit gypped last week when I suggested you make yourself a cup of tea, get comfortable, and settle in to enjoy an article copied from, only to find a couple of paragraphs. Well, master-of-everything and office goddess, Peggy Pruitt, has come through for us once again and has fixed that post to include the entire article.

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I highly recommend this read if you missed this past Sunday Service, as Rev. Elizabeth Longo so wonderfully (and comfortably, hehe) sets the tone for this month’s theme, Finding Comfort. Her story of struggle leaving Cuba as a small child adds perspective to how we, as adults, can manage our adult challenges (under the coloring of adverse childhood experiences) by choosing God-within for comfort and aid.

In looking at the Affirmation this month, When you are experiencing a challenge or any type of unanswered question, the earlier you can purposefully allow the Christ presence into your struggle/confusion/error-thinking, the sooner everything calms down and guidance can be revealed to you, eventually leading to a place of comfort. We’ll talk about Strength next week, but this Sunday will be all about Divine Guidance leading us to comfort.

Here is the pathway Charles Fillmore is laying out for us:

“There are two ways to get understanding. One is to follow the guidance of the Spirit that dwells within, and the other is go blindly ahead and learn by hard experience. These two ways are open to everyone” (Keep a True Lent 45).

“It is easier to seek the Truth willingly and be watchful and obedient than it is to be forced by some severe experience. Hard experiences are not necessary if we are obedient to the Truth that saves us from them. Time should be given to prayer and meditation daily. We cannot grow without them, and no man who neglects them will successfully develop his spiritual powers” (Jesus Christ Heals 125).

The moment a person freely chooses to commit himself and his life to spiritual truth, a wonderful thing happens to that person: their experience comes directly under two spiritual laws: the Law of divine guidance, and the Law of divine protection.

“To trust Spirit we must know of Its guidance by experience. By those who have not learned the guidance of Spirit, that experience must be acquired. Man is spirit and must find himself before he can communicate with universal Spirit” (Atom-Smashing Power of Mind 28).

“Practice the presence of God until you open your consciousness to the inflow of the omnipresent, all-knowing mind, then affirm your unity with that mind until you know and fully realize, through the many avenues of wisdom, just what you should do. This acquirement of a knowledge of the divine will is not the work of an instant; it results from patient and persistent spiritual study, prayer, and meditation” (The Twelve Powers of Man 107).

Divine guidance does not eliminate the necessity for experience, but it does free us from total dependency on the acquiring of experience in order to know what to do and how to do it. We automatically combine experience and divine guidance when our consciousness is open to receive Law.

And then there’s always the question, with what are we being guided?

“We must look within for the law and not without. The laws we find in the outer are the secondary laws” (Charles Fillmore Prosperity 73).

“Divine law is the universal something in us of which we all are conscious, and which tells us when we are doing right and when we are doing wrong. It may be defined as the innate knowing of right and wrong, and this knowing may be quickened. The quickening does not come by the study of material things, but by concentrating the mind on the Christ. Man does not make the law; the law is, and it was established for our benefit before the world was formed” (Keep a True Lent 158).

“When we discover in ourselves a flow of thought that seems to have been evolved independently of the reasoning process, we are often puzzled about its origin and its safety as a guide. In its beginnings this seemingly strange source of knowledge is often turned aside as a daydream; again it seems a distant voice, an echo of something that we have heard and forgotten. One should give attention to this unusual and usually faint whispering of Spirit in man. It is not of the intellect and it does not originate in the skull. It is the development, in man, of a greater capacity to know himself and to understand the purpose of creation” (The Twelve Powers of Man 90).

Okay, that’s more than enough to get us started on an intentional journey with Divine Guidance! Please join us Sunday when we’ll get out of our heads and experience Guidance in the heart with my Talk, Divine Guidance is My Comfort.

Many Blessings,
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor

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