Greetings, Beloveds,

Rumi counsels us, “Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.” With all our talks this month of Embracing Change, we have the honor of ending September with John Eldridge’s Talk: Open Heart, Open Mind. When we allow the wisdom of the heart to inform the mind, our lives take a turn for Good. This is the greatest change we can make! The Key to the Kingdom isn’t in human intellect, it’s in the divine connections we make with Christ-consciousness first. That connection is heart-centered, and from that connection our mind is informed as to how we can best live, move, and have our being. “Love is the bridge between you and everything,” also Rumi.

Not only is Love the bridge between us, as individuals, and ideal Life; but it is the very Essence of the desires, hopes, and dreams we hold, individually and collectively. I’m sure you’d agree, the visions that are held in mind provide the backdrop for the decisions we make daily that not only direct the flow of the lives we lead, but are promulgated by the resultant future. Of course, the future you want depends on whether the subconscious mind buys into the vision you are holding today.

Staying present to your Highest desire, a closer walk with God, will always result in the perfect future.

Answering your heart’s call, whatever it is that makes your heart sing, is your duty and will bring to you the happiness you desire in your life. Collectively, that means envisioning a commUnity that works for all and in which we can serve one another. Please stay tuned for information on how you can be involved in creating a vision for Unity of the Sierra. We have put out a “save the date” request of you for November 2nd.

Although we were originally planning to get the party started and hold a personal vision-board workshop this coming Sunday, we are needing to postpone due to circumstances out of our control – a perfect opportunity to practice embracing change! Still, I would like us to keep this idea in mind and I would encourage you to get your juices flowing toward that end by doing your own research. Here’s a great place to start:

I cannot wait to hear what you come up with for yourselves, and also your input for Unity of the Sierra- we’ll keep this conversation going! Thank you all so much for everything you do for our commUnity!

Toni King, Spiritual Advisor

Toni will be in the office this coming week:
Weds., 8-11am and Sat., 9-noon