Greetings, Beloveds!

If you will, please follow me down this rabbit hole I’m exploring for this Sunday’s message. It’s an unraveling of how attachment to thoughts hold us in place – not necessarily a good place if we are unaware, and how we can use this information to climb up and out of the unhappiness we have created for ourselves.

From on this year’s theme, One Humanity, Many Stories:
“Sometimes it is said that if you knew another person’s story, you couldn’t help but love them. Each of us has known hardship and heartbreak, just as each of us has known joy. Some people have overcome unimaginable adversity while others seem to have been blessed with all a human being could ever want.
“Yet a greater story overarches them all: We are all one. Despite the appearance of separate bodies, individual personalities, and different pursuits, we are one humanity. Like a prism divides light into a rainbow of colors, we humans express God in infinite ways. One God, one humanity, many stories.”

Taylor Brune’s story posted on
“In 2014, my life was completely turned upside down. Everything I had known before was never to be again. I had been diagnosed with Lyme disease and began treatment immediately. During treatment, my entire life was changed. I had to move out unexpectedly, my relationships with those around me were deteriorating rapidly, and death surrounded me as I grieved loved ones. I felt as if my life was over and I had nothing to fight for. I didn’t know who I was or why I was supposed to be alive. I was tested in emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical strength daily.”

Opening lyrics to the Allman Brothers, Change My Way of Living:
I’ve got to change my way of living, / ‘Cause trouble’s all that I can see.
I gotta change my way of living, / Lord, trouble’s all that I can see.
My life is in such a mess, / There ain’t no one to blame but me.

More of Taylor’s story:
“I was so brutally sick from Lyme disease and being on treatment, that I forgot who I was, and who God is. I am a woman of faith, and without faith, I wouldn’t be here today. I wouldn’t have overcome my depression and been completely healed from Lyme. I owe my healing to remaining strong in my faith and pursuing the many resources and tools and people that were placed in my pathway. . .”

Her narrative goes on to describe her brilliant overcoming of diversity. I know each of us already has the strength to overcome anything life puts in front of us. But each of us also has that outer edge of the circle that may require a little bit of help navigating when we come up against it. Having a spiritual community can be a support in those times; but really,
Your ability to overcome adversity is inherent in your divinity!
Being prepared for a storm seems to be a national theme this week, so let’s take it inward and affirm Strength! God is good and everywhere present and active in our lives! Affirm and know this Truth by celebrating one another and this month’s theme at Unity of the Sierra.

This month we are . . .
Embracing Change: My life is enlivened and enriched by a new perspective.

In Love and Light,
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor

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