Greetings, Beloveds!

Embracing Change! Yuck. I mean, yikes. I mean, well, okay, if I have to . . . . Why can’t things just be simple and good and easy and delightful. All. The. Time? I guess because if things never changed, we’d still be in the Dark Ages dealing with the fall of the Roman Empire and the chaos that ensued: lack of order, scarce prosperity, and a depleted cultural code. Wait a minute. Wasn’t my point supposed to be how things have changed?

Joking aside, we can look to any era and find similarities because “wherever we go, there we are.” And yet, we tend to pause with confusion on how we ended up in our current predicament. Maybe, the key is not to mire ourselves with thoughts about what’s wrong, but to gather the strength to let go and allow Understanding access to our thoughts.

Yes, Understanding (a power of “Christ in Man”, as Charles Fillmore would put it) is part of the God-Intelligence. And as an aspect of God, is part of the Life force energy we know as God; meaning, It has Its own life and intelligence and can do a lot of good when we just get out of the way. In order to start the process of allowing any power to do good in our lives we must summon It forth, claim It as so, and allow It to direct the flow. When we employ Understanding, our sight becomes clear and our judgements of the sins of the past soften. And since we’ve all been practicing living in the present moment (right?), we are evolving as a human race and can better handle the unstoppable tides of change.

Change is all around us. Luckily, the power of “Christ in Man” that we celebrate in September is Order. Our September theme under ‘One Humanity, Many Stories’ is Embracing Change. Don’t you just love the synchronicity?! Speaking of which, I love the order of our monthly themes these past few months.

Letting Go: I let go of any concern and allow good to unfold in my life.
Claiming Truth: I am a dynamic expression of God on the quest to know and reveal more of my true self.
Being Present: I live in the now, and divine understanding is active in me.
Embracing Change: My life is enlivened and enriched by a new perspective.

How perfect to feel empowered to embrace change when I am cognizant of the present moment. I am ready whatever this now moment may bring because I have let go of expectations and can allow the expression of God-as-me to shine through?! I am ready for Embracing Change, and I hope you are to! You are invited to join us each Sunday as we take this journey together. This Sunday is, I Live and Allow Change, and all is well.

In Peace,
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor

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