Greetings, Beloveds!

Thank you, All, for the wonderful responses to last Sunday’s topic, The 2nd Tenet of Release. Knowing the depths of our Christ-Power to disallow negativity to have any power over us is Life affirming! More on that in a minute . . . . First, I’m so excited for you to hear Doyle’s Talk this Sunday, Intentionally Claiming Truth! He’s a powerful speaker and this is a powerful topic that fits right in with our Claiming Truth theme this month.

Some things to ponder and questions to pose to get the most out of his Talk: What “truth” am I working with in my life right now? Is that truth stagnant or evolving? Are there intentions I can set for myself that support greater understanding of Truth? And, can I purposefully live the affirmation with which we’ve been working? :

I am a dynamic expression of God on the quest to know and reveal more of my true self.

As we each develop the practice of “revealing more of my true self”, the process can be somewhat sped up by intentionally disallowing additional negativity to penetrate our beingness. We were already practicing Letting Go by allowing our consciousness to reveal to us what has been holding us back . . . .

We acknowledge the unhealed pain we carry that colors our heart and directs our thoughts. We acknowledge the poorly formed beliefs that have developed from early childhood experiences. We acknowledge that these beliefs gained traction from the world reflecting back to us our unconscious biases.

In our striving to better ourselves, we come to recognize our error thinking as gifts we need to honor for their service and protection they sometimes provided, but also that we are stronger than we think and no longer need their protection. I emphasize the importance of honoring our error thinking so we can get comfortable with shining the light of love, understanding, and grace onto those parts of us that we believed to be less than desirable.

It is the power of Love that transforms the dark into light. To Realize means to align our thoughts with the higher intelligence of the heart. So when we surround error thinking with Love, we come to know, or realize, the Highest Truth of any perceived negative is not that we are limited by these thoughts, but that we can overcome anything through Christ-consciousness.

And that’s the process of Letting Go.

The Power of Release can also be used when we’re faced with something negative outside of ourselves and Deny it has any power over us, and therefore do not allow it to penetrate our beingness. From our annual 12 Power Candle Lighting reading:

“At one level of consciousness, you can eliminate negativity, but at a higher level, you can avoid negativity. This is your ability to reject that which is not of Spirit. It is a fabulous experience to observe the negative and not be victimized by giving power to it. If practiced enough, you can develop a permanent attitude of “NO” toward all that is untrue and negative. You are adjusting your consciousness to the good, aligning with your Christ-self.”

Again, we can implement Acknowledge/Recognize/Realize in the avoiding of negativity:
Acknowledge the “evil” we see; Recognize it as such while knowing it is not the Highest Truth; Realize that I am protected by and am an agent of Love and this ‘thing’ has no power over me!

And So It Is!
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor

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