Greetings, Beloveds!
Today, I have for you, the first part of the transcription of Rev. Ed Rabel’s Talk, “Words of Jesus – Final Words of Jesus,” from 1976. I will be basing our discussion this Sunday on the powerful idea that for allowing the greatest good to come to us in our lives, we must let go of whatever we’re doing to block that action: from crucifixion comes resurrection and ascension. Here’s Rev. Ed . . . .

1. Letting go as crucifixion
“Now, friends, we will consider the final recorded words of Jesus as contained in our four gospels, beginning with the words spoken from the cross. Before we quote Jesus, let’s look for a moment at this experience called crucifixion. Remember that everything that happens to Jesus, everything he causes to happen, and every word he speaks, somehow relates to each one of us. Not only in our collective life wave identities, but in our individuality identities. So that there is nothing wasted in the gospels where Jesus is concerned as far as our own ongoing experiences are concerned. Jesus was crucified exactly as he said he would be, but he said that we are to follow him in all ways, in all things. And so the meaning of crucifixion is meaningful to our present day existence and our ongoing existence.

“You will notice that Jesus never talks about the cross or crucifixion as an isolated thing all by itself. It is always, any time he mentions it, it’s within a whole process that he refers to. The same is true of Charles Fillmore in his writings about Jesus. Charles Fillmore never separates the crucifixion from resurrection and ascension. They are the trinity of victory in our overcoming. You cannot skip crucifixion no more can you skip resurrection or ascension if you are a living evolving being. So crucifixion is not a thing in and of itself metaphysically. It is a prelude to something that follows, which is resurrection.

“Now you know in our Unity teachings we say that before a person can take on his greater good, he must often let go and give up some of the older, lesser, outmoded, no longer needful good. In other words, you have to empty the wine from the … and the new wine … all that. So constant process of letting go and taking on. Letting go, taking on. And I know you absolutely know what the letting go experience is symbolized as, crucifixion. Now, very often, your and my letting go looks like someone’s taking it from us. That we’re being forced to give it up. Life is forcing it, people are forcing, the police are forcing it, Father Time is forcing me to give up. You see?”

“But it needn’t be that if you understand the Law of Trinity. A person who understands the Law of Trinity will know, will intuitively know, when it’s time for a crucifixion experience in my life. You will know. Your intuition will tell you. Like itself will give you all the signs. And if you are tuned into spirit, you will say, “I must do this the way Jesus did it. Consciously and willingly knowing that this giving up is not being robbed or having it taken. It is my cooperation with the law of yay, yay, nay, nay. The law of being the inlet and the outlet of all God’s good. Then you will find that every sacrifice, every crossing out, every letting go that you go through in your life is under your dominion and authority. You will be able to do it graciously, lovingly, and forgivingly as whose example shows us it can be done? Jesus. See?”
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I am holding all of you in a vision of so many blessings come to you now. Your part is to Release! Make way for Truth, open your heart to the Kingdom, let loose your mind of it’s trickery and receive your blessings!

Peace, peace, peace,
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor