Greetings, Beloveds, and Happy Father’s Day to all the men in our lives who uphold the ideal father influence to the best of their ability!

I have come to know that all of us are operating on this plane to the best of our ability. We all navigate rough terrain in our lives and our interactions with one another at some point. The tools we’ve developed in consciousness determine how well we do/play/be, but judgement is reserved for the Self on the self and indwelling Spirit – it is not for anyone else to judge the abilities of a father, or anyone.

In the spirit of compassion and forgiveness, let us honor not only the fathers, but all who have experienced the parent-child relationship – on both ends. In this loving response to a question posed regarding a child who does not honor his parents, Rev. Ed at puts things in perspective:

Exodus 20:12 “Honor your father and mother, that your days may be long in the land in which the Lord your God gives you.”
My grandson has become involved in a very fundamental church; he is 27 [and] still living at home. He told his parents he didn’t have to do anything at home or do what they ask because they are not “Believers.” He brings out all these Bible verses that say a woman should not work, etc. I am a Unity member but don’t know quite how to explain the right (God intended) words to clarify the verses that he has been indoctrinated with. Oh boy! Thanks. Hate to see him so brain washed. Thank you.
I know how challenging and frustrating a situation like yours with your grandson can be, and how urgently you’d love to be able to reach out to him and soften the rigidity of his stance on the Bible, and on spiritual energy in general. In my experience, genuinely loving prayer is infinitely more effective than any logical argument could ever be. We love your grandson just as he is; we know and affirm that he is fully the Christ in potential, and we see the Light and Love of the Christ flowing through him into his life and all his relationships.

It’s difficult to know exactly what Bible passages he has in mind to justify his attitude toward his parents, and toward women in general. I must note, however, that the fifth commandment is perfectly clear and straightforward. “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land which the Lord your God gives you” (Ex. 20:12). It doesn’t say “Honor your father and your mother, but only if they are believers.” Jesus sometimes disagreed with his parents and their concerns about the form his ministry was taking, but he never disrespected them. It is possible to hold different beliefs in an energy of respect and love.

Please know that I join you in affirming in prayer for a peaceful resolution of the situation between your grandson and his parents.

Rev. Ed

And so, Dear ones, we are reminded to always be respectful. Whether or not we agree with someone’s position, respect goes both ways! When we feel disrespected, it is even more important to honor ourselves, to be the example of and model what we deserve by showing compassion to the soul who is seemingly sowing discontent. So that “your days will be abundant and fruitful, with merit and honor, in the kingdom of heaven.”

Toni King, Spiritual Advisor

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