Greetings, Beloveds!

If you were in attendance for this past Sunday’s Service, you’ll know that we’re taking a
tangential yet concurrent route on our One Humanity, Many Stories path for the remaining
part of the year – and maybe even beyond that as I come to realize the depths of the subject
matter. And that subject matter is Release or Let Go, Let God.

As we discussed Sunday, I have found it helpful to preemptively engage my Power of
Imagination before getting to the business of letting go. When I acknowledge that, in my
humanness, I cannot fathom the realm of potentiality that Divine Mind holds for me, I rely on
Imagination to carry me to the next step. Through Imagination, Spirit shows me a new
possibility, and I must then search my consciousness for any blocks I have created to keep me
from this Good.

This Good is God’s Will, not my will. My will can be stuck in the rote activities of my thought,
word, and deed. It is my power of Release that is my Key to the Kingdom.

When used with intention, Release can act as the roto-rooter of our consciousness. Have you
got some stuck muck that occasionally returns to the forefront of your mind, or – if you’re not
listening to it or dealing with it appropriately – manifests in the outer world as pain,
dysfunction, or the feeling of being stuck? This may be what is lurking in your shadows that is
asking for attention.

This is the disenfranchised grief that keeps us from truly knowing our potential. Trauma, mild
or severe, when not dealt with fully, unwittingly directs the flow and direction of our lives.
Please, take every opportunity to send Love to all the parts of you that are feeling “less than.”
Allow healing to occur in your life at all times. You are worth it! Affirm:
I let go of any concern and allow good to unfold in my life.

Peace and Blessings,
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor
I will be in the office this coming week on T., Th., & Fri, 8-11am.