Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re enjoying the Guest Speakers this month! We’ll return to our regularly scheduled program on the 26 th when I give a Talk on “Honoring Memories”, which will take us back to our Annual Theme, “One Humanity, Many Stories”, as well as commemorating the Memorial holiday. Until then, Theta Healing Practitioner, Timothy Gay, will take us on a special journey of his experience and the wisdom he’s gained on his unique and incredible path.

In other news, you may have heard I will be spending more time at our Unity center. Your presence in our commUnity is sacred, and to honor that I will be available a few hours each week should you have the desire for direct one-on-one conversation. The schedule for this new service will fluctuate somewhat, and so will be posted on the bulletin board in our CommUnity room and will be listed at the bottom of this weekly blog.

Until we meet again . . . I wanted to share with you a throwback blog from May, 2016:
Greetings, Dear Ones,

We are beginning a new month, and that means a new Power! May is the month to focus on the Power, Power. No, I didn’t stutter. One of the Twelve Powers of Christ In Man identified by Charles Fillmore is Power, Dominion and Mastery, the Power of Divine Mind within consciousness. Represented by the disciple Philip and located in the throat, it is the Faculty that enables us to have astery over our own thoughts and emotions; our ability to transmute ideas into word, deed and manifestation through Divine Order.

Once we can identify our thoughts and emotions as separate from us, we can view them as the “observer”. I’m always here to remind you that we are not our thoughts! Well, that goes for emotions, too. Our emotions are powerful tools that we can use to find the hidden gems in our subconscious mind, react to the beauty in life, or ignite the catalyst for change, but they do not define us and we are not limited by them.

By distancing our Awareness from our thoughts and emotions – becoming the “Observer” – we truly have the ability to know ourselves as more than the drudgery that can otherwise become

our day-to-day lives. We have more, because we are more! We are able to intimately connect with Spirit once we realize that we are not the physical out-picturing of our lives. This out-picturing may be an indication (opportunity) of where consciousness lies, but it is not the Highest Truth of what we are.

From this greater realization of ourselves as masters of our own Awareness, we easily achieve our dreams and desires through Divine Order: mind, idea, manifestation. Find out how by joining us for Services this month in our new location – the perfect example of Divine Order, by the way! We are so Blessed!

Be the Power, Be the Change!
Toni King
Spiritual Advisor
Unity of the Sierra