Greetings, Beloveds!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, AND May is the month we celebrate Power (of the Twelve Power variety). So, to paraphrase Helen Reddy, “I Am Power! Hear Me Roar! I Am Strong! I Am Invincible! I Am Power!”

All aspects of the divine are within each of us as untapped potential waiting to be fulfilled. Think of the impact of what that could mean. If within each of us is the microcosm of the Universe, then our individual Power is vast and immense!

The highest truth of ourselves is that we are created in God’s image; meaning we are Love, we are Life, we are Intelligence, we are Power! The highest truth of ourselves is that we are the potential, we are the change we are seeking.

When we grow in consciousness, we contribute to raising the vibration of the planet. We must choose to tap into God-Mind to make loving decisions for our inner world and the outer world. When we do, we help raise the vibration of race-consciousness. This is how we effect change.

Our outer world will always be an echo of what’s going on, on the inside.

This mirror can be seen when we learn about our outside world through the perceptions we have about ourselves and our biases. And when we’re infants and toddlers and very young children, we form perceptions of our world through how our caregivers love us.

We are all God’s children, but it was Mom’s job to love you, to be that presence, that representation of God-Love for you here on earth. And whether she did a great job or not so much, I can guarantee that all our mothers instinctually do the job of mothering to the best of their ability.

In their humanness, moms are not any more perfect than we are in our humanness. But the bond of mother and child runs deep and helps to shape our perception of the world.

Our Power, as young ones, is not yet our own and starts out completely wrapped up in the transition that we all go through from knowing ourselves as children of God, to knowing ourselves as a reflection of how someone else, Mom, loves us. At some point along the way, we learn to claim our own Power.

Our Christ-Power is the ability to transform energy from one plane to another and the ability to change our thoughts and feelings.

Just like true Strength is Stillness, Power is Silence. Strength is expended when you convert it into movement and actions; Power is expended when you convert it into vibrations or the Word.

Silence, thought, Word, and manifestation are stages of Power in action. Silence is your pure Power; thought is your formed Power; the Word is your expressed Power which becomes manifest through Divine Order: mind, idea, manifestation.

This is the process we all use, knowingly or not, to create the world we perceive. And, the world that we perceive has a direct correlation to our perception of ourselves, which was initially developed in our childhood.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.”
– Victor Frankl

We may have left childhood behind, but we all want to grow and better ourselves, to change a situation by changing ourselves, to raise our consciousness, each our own and that of race-mind. And, we can do it through the action process of realizing the Christ-Power through Silence, thought, Word, and manifestation.

This being a New Thought concept, it’s probably not something your mom taught you, at least not consciously. But she did do the best job that her consciousness allowed her to do. And, even if they didn’t know it, our moms taught us this process through their own demonstration, and in their advice to us:

Every time your mom told you to “be yourself”, she was directing you inward to the Silence to figure out who you are. When you were upset over something someone else did or said, she counseled, “don’t let it bother you,” encouraging you to take control of your own thoughts and feelings. When she warned you to “play nice”, she wanted you to use your words to get along and make peace.

And so, this Sunday, we honor all moms and loving caregivers for their infinite wisdom: those who are with us, those who are far away, and those that have made their transitions; and to the nurturing mom-energy that we all carry within our own hearts . . . Namaste.

In Love and Peace,
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor

P.S., In addition to Sundays, I will be regularly available for chats and visits at Unity of the Sierra during the week. My schedule for the remainder of May is as follows:

Fri, 5/10: 8-11am

Tues, 5/14: 8-11am
Thurs, 5/16: 4-6pm
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Thurs & Fri, 5/23-24: 8-11am

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