Greetings Beloveds,

Apparently the stars are not aligning for us to have Guest Speakers this month other than the substitute (for Rev. Pierson) we had on the 10th, Beth Williams – who did a stellar job! We have plans to get her on the schedule asap for a follow-up workshop, so stay tuned . . . .

As it is my pledge to you this month to use this space to honor the writings of Charles Fillmore in his work, Keep a True Lent, I would like to offer the following excerpts that are in alignment with our April theme, Creating Community:

From Chapter VI: the World Calls to Courage
“OVER NINETEEN hundred years ago a man taught a religion that changed the whole trend of thought of people. His teachings were called “the Way.”
“In the beginning He had few followers. He was, like Socrates, accused of treason and killed. His enemies took for granted that after His death His doctrine would utterly disappear, as had many doctrines before His time. However, they lacked spiritual discernment, for the teachings of the man Jesus of Nazareth possessed an element that the people vitally needed and they soon sprang up in regions far beyond the little land where they were promulgated; they spread to many lands and have been spreading ever since.
. . . .
“Jesus taught that the world belongs to man and that man is responsible for it. The human family is responsible for the poverty or the prosperity of the world. By our mental beholding and working we determine whether we shall have or have not.”

Yes! Our world is one big community! We live, breathe, have our being together (or separate) by the thoughts that we think. We are here to learn and grow, help one another learn and grow, and to build community through human connections and the relationships we build through learning and growing. We are each responsible for our piece in that and open ourselves to receive “heaven” or “hell” by the activity of our minds; by the interactions that we create.

I am open to a deeper understanding of Spirit within all people. We are One.

This affirmation gets to the core of it. If we do not see the good in one another, the “spark of divinity”, then it is only because we do not see it within ourselves. We cannot know oneness among the human race if we do not have the experience of oneness with our own divinity, the god within.

If that is you, then you’re in luck! In Unity, we know we can “fake it till you make it.” Act “as if” you know Oneness, and the universe will respond in-kind with examples you’ll see because you’ve opened yourself to receiving this Understanding. It can almost seem magical how what we need shows up simply because we’ve asked for it. Be open to receive this “magic”! It is this Yes Universe responding to your desire to understand and know More.

Last week, from keep a True Lent, I posted:
“WE HAVE NO independent mind; there is only universal Mind, but we have consciousness in that mind and we have control over that consciousness. We have control over our own thoughts, and our thoughts make up our consciousness.

“God is omnipresent, God is intelligence, just as much in the mind as anywhere. The blessing of the I AM consciousness brings out the intelligence that has the greatest ruling power.

“Each individual must have his first awakening to the truth that God is everywhere and that, regardless of surroundings, God is omnipresent Spirit-mind. The great lesson for us is to know that God is everywhere evenly present, no matter how material the surroundings may seem to be.”

In and through this realization, we come to know ourselves and one another as equally worthy of expressing God. We are all children of the One Source; in all we think, say and do, God is present. So when we connect with one another, we are seeing each other – whether we realize it in the moment or not – as a reflection of the Creator. These exchanges are worthy of Easter celebration!

Toni King, Spiritual Advisor