Namasté, Beloveds!

The late American Protestant minister and author Dr. Norman Vincent Peale once wrote, ‘There is a spiritual giant within you, which is always struggling to burst its way out of the prison you have made for it.’ That spiritual giant is a power—a potentiality—of which perhaps you are not even aware. Or, maybe you are very aware of a sense that there is greatness within you . . . just waiting to be released.

Life is, or at least hopefully ought to be, a continual process of ‘letting go and letting be’. There is a certain ‘rhythm’ to life and nature, and that rhythm is one of … letting go … and letting be. In order for the ‘new’ to manifest, the ‘old’ must go. As we arrive at the New Year, I ask you this: How willing are you to let go of all that is holding back?

“The hardest healing, feels its feeling, breaking the ceiling, and moving into the sky, and then
The greatest glory stops telling the same story, rises from the fury, burning into the high” – Amy Steinberg lyric from her song, Breaking Into the High. When we allow release, a great healing can occur, and there may even be a physical sensation experienced such as Amy Steinberg describes. But the pain of release and the subsequent growth that follows is worth the effort when we are confronted by the “spiritual giant” we uncage in the process.

This makes me wonder if there isn’t an even deeper meaning to the concept Marianne Williamson offered us when she said, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.” What if our shadow side is blocking the way, so to speak, between us and our greatest expression of Light? The key then would be not to fear the darkness, but to embrace it, knowing that through Love we can accept ALL parts of ourselves; and with the totality of our being in alignment, we enable ourselves to take on the mantle of the Power of Light.

In our quest to wear the mantle of Light, the “spiritual giant” Dr. Peale proposes can remake us in every way. Call it God or the Spirit of Life, or Being Itself, there is an Almighty Power and Presence that is capable of making all things new – when we release and allow. That Power and Presence can indeed recreate each one of us in both mind and body. It can transform our world, each of us individually and as a human race in unity.

Please join us this Sunday at Unity of the Sierra for the very special ritual of Burning Bowl. This is your invitation to ceremonially release the part of your story that is no longer serving you, giving you permission to move toward your spiritual giant. Your invitation awaits!

Toni King, Spiritual Advisor