Christmas Greetings, Beloveds!

Faith, Peace, Love, and Joy all work and build on each other throughout Advent to help us prepare the way for a re-birth of Christ-Consciousness within. Faith brings us to the present moment of choice. I choose peace. Peace opens the door to Love. I am Love. Love expresses during this season of birth and newness as Joy! Each Christmas, we return to the dawn of our purpose: to know ourselves as Love.

Some of my favorite quotes on Love from Unity’s 2018 Advent booklet, A World of Hope, are:
“I am a creative spiritual being, and the substance with which I create is love.” (Editor)
“Divine love is my name and true nature.
The love I am flows.
The love I am allows.
The love I am frees.” – Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett
“Christmas is God’s gift of love to you . . . . Affirm: God is with me now. God’s love is enfolding me. Christ is born in me. Christmas is for me.” – William Clough

This Sunday we will surround ourselves with the Love of God as we come to know God’s Love as the root element of what we are. Building from this foundation, we can have the Christmas we desire because our desires will align with God’s Will for us, to know ourselves as One with God, through and as Love.

Blessings! And, can’t wait to see you!
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor