Greetings, Beloveds!

Do you have the “Courage to Imagine” Peace?

The “Courage to Imagine” theme has been with us all year at Unity of the Sierra, and it has served us well to continually ask questions using this format and filling in the blank. During Advent, a time of year that allows us the space to “prepare our hearts for the coming of the Lord” through faith, peace, love, and joy, I have to ask this question. Do you have the “Courage to Imagine” Peace? What would that look like? How would your life, your world, be different if you allowed for more peace? Are you willing to prepare room in your heart for Peace?

The second Sunday of Advent theme is Peace, a power and presence that is of the Divine, that opens us to the awareness of Christ-consciousness – a consciousness always within, waiting for attention and intentional use, waiting for each of us to allow ourselves to become, It.

This coming Sunday, we’ll have conversation around our divine consciousness and how we can focus-in on the Peace that we already are. In these excerpts from A World of Hope, Unity’s 2018 Advent booklet, we are reminded what Peace can mean if we allow It to reside in our hearts:

“Help yourself to be aware of stillness. We cannot ask the whole world to stop just because we want to get quiet, but I have found that within all noise is a silent point.” – Rev. Dorothy Pierson
“…always remember who you are. You are God’s Beloved. The loving relationship you have with Spirit is a partnership, a team that is invincible and impervious to any erosion of peace.” – Rev. Michael Jamison
“When families and friends get together there can be an atmosphere of harmony and peace if even one person in the group knows and understands the power of prayer. You can be that one.” – Martha Smock
“Peace attracting peace is a universal principle. A peaceful heart attracts the positive energy that you value.” – Rev. Joan Gattuso

It’s not too late to pick-up your free copy of Unity’s 2019 Advent booklet, A World of Hope, for some exceptional readings on the Advent themes while you share conversation, space, and commUnity with us this Sunday, when I’ll be asking for all of us, Do I have the “Courage to Imagine” Peace?

Many Holiday Blessings!
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor