Greetings, Beloveds!

Welcome to Prosperity! What are you creating – consciously, or otherwise?

Last week I wrote:
We are perpetually creating our outside worlds from what we believe on the inside. What we see out in our world is a direct reflection of our inner beliefs, many of which lie in the subconscious mind. Still, “where attention goes, energy flows!” The intention and focused attention of our conscious minds holds tremendous potential for Good. The trick is to tip the scale toward intentional thought and attention toward Good, and away from the negative tapes that run in our minds cued by the subconscious. Eventually, the tapes that run will be positive affirmations of Creative Life!

This week, I would like to address a question that came up around how to resolve the duplicity of creating our outside world by what we think and feel, and having a positive influence on the minds of those suffering on the other side of the planet, and the subsequent conversations that followed. And, how does this fit in with Prosperity Principles?

In the stillness, I know myself to be unified with all of humanity. This is my experience. From this understanding, I see the human race as one body (also connected to all other life and intelligence). When one part of the body is hurting, the entire organism is affected. When one of us is oppressed, none of us is free.

When I listen to a news story exemplifying human suffering, I am saddened and express my grief. What I do not do, is internalize my personal suffering which would lead to depression and further outrage. Instead, I sit with my sadness. I am comfortable with the tears and surrender to my heart. Through this process, I allow the higher intelligence of the heart to direct my thoughts.

What the heart knows, that we alone do not, is that – in Oneness – the perpetrator is as much of a victim as the object of injustice. This process allows for personal healing, the power of which reaches way beyond just me, individually, for I am part of a larger organism. Ho’oponopono.

There is no greater gift that we can give to one another, our planet, and to the entire human race than to heal ourselves. For in doing so, we lift our vibration, raise our consciousness, and effect race consciousness for Good. Together, as One, we heal.

Prosperity naturally flows from a place of Unity and an inner Strength informed by Understanding. Go within and know that all is well. All is exactly as it needs to be for our growth and greater Good. Prosperity is the gift we receive when we know our true worth, true Power, and place in the universe.

We can continue this growth process in Unity through Affirmations and Denials, Prayer and Meditation, the study of Truth, and coming together in commUnity on Sunday mornings. Please join us this Sunday for just such a gathering. We will be in conversation all month long around understanding Prosperity Principles and using them for the increase of Good.

Toni King, Spiritual Advisor