As I sit here thinking of all of you and how grateful I am to have each of you in my lives, I am remembering a prayer that came to me during our month on Spiritual Confidence. Now that we are recognizing that we are Light, I’d like to share it with you again, for this is the Truth of us as Light:

May you be well
May you be prosperous
May you always find your way
As you allow Divine Guidance

May you be open
May you be giving
May you always know your worth
As you traverse the landscape of relationships

May you be willing
May you be compassionate
May you always find forgiveness
As you learn to know yourself

You are Wisdom. You are Peace.
You are Loving-Kindness. You are Divine.
May you always know your Power
And choose dominion over self

Your ability to know yourSelf is your demonstration of the Presence
Gentle, Divine Confidence is yours!

Affirm, “I Am Light!”

And so it is.

This is my prayer for you. You, who mean the world to me as I watch you learn and grow and become what you always have been, Presence ever-expanding, Love without end.

As the wise and beautiful Patricia Petty Munze has counselled many of us to do, I would invite you to experience this prayer on a deeper level by repeating it to yourself while inserting your name in each line, i.e., “May you, Pat, be compassionate”. This will allow the part of your mind [ego] that is conditioned to accept truth/Truth when it is verbally named and allows your subconscious to accept what you speak more willingly.

Then, when you are ready, I would invite you to say this as an Affirmation of Truth. Instead of saying “May you . . .” and “You are . . .”, say, “I am willing”, “I am Wisdom”, “I know my Power”. Play with it knowing you are enfolded with Love.

Toni King, Spiritual Advisor