Blessings, Beloveds!

We are Blessed! Repeat that for yourself: “I Am Blessed!” Already, and in every moment, and because we are of the One True Source, we live in a perpetual state of being Blessed. The flip side of that coin is that we don’t always remember this Truth. Our skill-level of holding onto gratitude – the key to recognizing our blessings – may not yet be at a master level. This month we are focusing on our Blessings, while we practice having “The Courage to Imagine: Being Blessed.”

Awareness of “Being Truly Blessed” isn’t something that just happens. It’s a conscious choice; a state of consciousness. It’s the ability to see and appreciate the blessings in your life no matter the outer circumstance. And we can do this by first denying outer circumstance have any power over us, and lastly by accepting the Presence into our beingness.

Be gentle with yourself if this doesn’t come naturally; we’re not wired that way! When we are in emotional distress, the prefrontal cortex constricts and executive functioning is diminished to the point that it’s a struggle to see there is another choice to be made in how to direct thoughts. But with practice, we can learn to identify when our thoughts and feelings have spiraled downward to a place that is less than comfortable.

When faced with a challenge, immediately go to a simple denial: “This thought/feeling is not the Highest Truth of me, it has no real power over me.” And as you feel the denial working to take the edge off of the fear, then you can introduce a higher thought, a simple affirmation, “God is Love; I Am of God, and therefore I am Love; Love is working through me now.” Or, “I Am enough!” Use one of these or create your own. Repeat as necessary!

Once the affirmation has relieved the immediate stress, go one further and take it to meditation, beginning with a prayer that invites God into the center of your being. “Loving Intelligence, Divine Source, I invite you into my mind and heart as I learn to become at One with You. With your Strength I can overcome the challenge before me.” And then you may choose to move directly into silent meditation.

And it doesn’t have to be a dire situation. This can be done with ambivalence, as well. If I am lacking passion/zeal, or even a feeling of gratitude; if I am ambivalent; I am not resonating at a high enough frequency to recognize the blessings in my life. Repeating this process every time you come under stress – or recognize your own ambivalence – is an extremely powerful way of making dramatic change in your life and opening to an awareness of the blessings all around you.

Denial, Affirmation, Prayer, Meditation. This is the simple outline given to us by our Unity Founders. This is the teaching they derived from our Master Teacher, Jesus. But his greatest and most prevalent teaching throughout his ministry, is “The Father and I are One.”

When we know our Oneness, we are truly Blessed. Whether you are in the depths of despair, or merely ambivalent, remembering the Truth of What you are, remembering the Source from whence you came, and remembering that you do not walk alone, will elevate your mind and heart to a place where you will find the blessings in your life, because these Truths are at the root of all True Blessings.

Toni King, Spiritual Advisor