Greetings, Beloveds!

Like me, I’m sure many of you are having the experience of busy-ness. The demands this world wreaks on our souls feels like an overwhelming toil at times. Although, attentions being pulled in multiple directions can be a lesson for prioritizing Life. What is it that’s most important to you and deserves your attention more than anything else? For me, it has and always will be a closer walk with God.

My understanding of the Divine came at a very early age. I was “fortunate”, haha, to be born into an environment that valued being right over being happy; respect of elders over human rights of children; fearing God, over accepting God’s Love. The very idea of God-in-me was not a concept familiar in our household and would have been considered blasphemous.

I consider this dark beginning a blessing, for without it I wouldn’t have had the struggle toward Light. Light, or Divine Intelligence, is everywhere present. It is up to each one of us to open to Presence and become at-one with Light. Not doing so would mean the stagnation of the soul and the end of personal consciousness development.

However, there is a centrifugal force of the planet’s evolution in consciousness that is at play. We do not have a choice but to move toward Light – be it by kicking and screaming or by accepting God’s grace. The choice of how we get there is always ours, and there are no wrong choices! Do not be fooled by outer appearances; God’s grace is at hand.

Again, my personal choice is for a closer walk with God. In last week’s post I said, “I cannot tell you how comforting it is to know that at Unity of the Sierra, we may not intimately know the story of everyone who walks through our door, but we can lovingly accept one another as children of God and see the Christ Light in every face. I affirm that each of you holds the Highest, as do I, for all our brothers and sisters, whatever their personal challenge may be.”

Affirmation: The Christ Presence is my guide, my strength, and my comfort.

Please join us this Sunday for a very special – and unexpected! – surprise presentation from some of our dear members at Unity of the Sierra. Randy Peyser and Suzanne Baker had profound experiences on the Abraham-Hicks cruise from which they recently returned. With much Zeal, Randy was relaying some of her story to me, and since my Talk that morning had been on Divine Guidance, I allowed myself to follow my intuition toward what I believe will be quite a treat for everyone in attendance this Sunday. Much of what she spoke to me about was in alliance with the messages you have heard from me and other Unity teachers. I’m excited to hear more and have them both share with us as a group.

Many Blessings,
Toni King, Spiritual Advisor

Toni’s upcoming schedule:
Thurs., 10/24 3:30pm and Fri., 10/25, @ 8-11am