Larry Schneider announces the Tuesday Night Book Study and Practicum will begin studying a new book January 9, 2018 at 6 pm at Walton’s in Gardnerville. The book is “Neurowisdom: The New Brain Science of Money, Happiness, and Success” by Mark Robert Waldman and Chris Manning, Ph.D. The book was selected because of its emphasis on current brain research findings dealing with mindfulness and successful living, topics closely related to New Thought philosophies for over 150 years.
“Neurowisdom” builds beautifully upon information the Tuesday Night Book Study and Practicum group has already touched upon when we read Buddha’s Brain, How God Changes Your Brain, A Fearless Heart, Twelve Steps to Compassionate Living, and the mindfulness CD’s by Dr. Mark Muesse that we absorbed in previous months. “Neurowisdom” takes all that information, wraps it up in a package, and embellishes with beautiful pearls of wisdom gleaned from current brain research. Studies mentioned in the book are footnoted, making further study easier.
Structure of the book study will not change, but there will be enhanced features, such as journaling, small group interactions, and mindfulness exercises. Key components and techniques from Larry’s previous, highly successful, year-long class, The Mystic’s Journey, will be integrated into each class. This will, indeed, be a very exciting adventure in self-exploration, brain development, and personal growth and satisfaction.
It is expected that within the first month of studying this book that participants who commit to the entire book will make a strong effort to embrace the book’s philosophies and suggestions for success. Beginning February 1, this class will not be recommended to those who simply wish to drop in from time to time. Essentially it will be closed to new students at that time due to the nature and intensity of the thoughts, ideas, and discoveries that will occur as we proceed.
This opportunity has the potential to be life-changing for those who commit to the pursuit of the deep wisdom as presented in this groundbreaking book. Because of this, Larry recommends that donations to this class be generous. As has been done previously, 100% of all love offerings will go to Unity of the Sierra in Carson City. Various elements of the class will be explained further on January 9 when we begin this marvelous adventure. Please bring a new journal notebook and your favorite pen with you to class. He suggests, as well, to bring a copy of the book, which is available on Amazon at a very reasonable price. See you there!