Babette's FeastFriday, April 25, 7:00pm

All are invited for pizza and a movie following Friday evening service. The movie is BABETTE’S FEAST. On the desolate coast of Denmark live the beautiful daughters of a devout clergyman who preaches salvation through self-denial.  Both girls sacrifice youthful passion to faith and duty, and even many years after their father’s death, they keep his austere teachings alive among the townspeople.  But with the arrival of Babette, a mysterious refugee from France’s civil war, life for the sisters and their tiny hamlet begins to change.  Babette, after winning the French lottery, convinces them to try something courageous at her expense — a gourmet French meal!  Babette’s Feast, of course, is considered scandalous by the local elders.  Who is this mysterious Babette and what is she about to teach these pious people about “True Giving?” 

The next movie night is Friday, May 30, 7:00pm.