When I first began studying Unity principles and philosophy in 1985, I had no idea where my journey would take me.

My wife and I were like many others who find Unity. We were searching for a spiritual home where we could meet friends of like mind.Unity is first and foremost an educational movement–moving toward a greater understanding and appreciation of the spiritual laws that appear to guide our universe.

Unity is also a positive spiritual path, and if you will attend Sunday services, workshops, and classes, in addition to your private study and meditation, you will find what I have found–that life is infinitely mysterious and richer than anyone ever thought possible.

I am here, 100%, for anyone who wishes to have a master teacher guide them along the path. I, too, am still learning, but will share what I know with joy and clarity. I invite you to join with me and others as we walk the path to a greater understanding of ourselves, our relationship to each other, and to our Creator. Start today. Your life depends on it!