The Tuesday Night Study and Practicum group has turned our attention to a new book we began in early September: “A Closer Walk with God,” by Unity minister, Jim Rosemergy. According to Rev. Rosemergy, people most often remember to pray during times of stress or need; but the real reason for prayer (which is a prevailing consciousness of God–an experience of the Presence–and not a set of words uttered from time to time, no matter how sincere) is to know God–not simply to ask our Creator to act on our behalf. Jim’s book gives us clear and understandable ways to put God first in our lives, along with specific principles we can put into practice that will lead to a prayerful life. We meet at Walton’s in Gardnerville every Tuesday evening from 6 pm to 8 pm. We enjoy cookies and coffee from 6 to 6:30 and then class begins. 100% love offerings are given to Unity of the Sierra. ALL ARE WELCOME!