Seat of the Soul

The Tuesday Night Book Study and Practicum has just begun our study of Gary Zukav’s classic, The Seat of the Soul, originally published in 1989. The version we are reading is the 25th Anniversary Edition with a Study Guide. After prefaces by Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou, the book introduces Zukav’s concept of the alignment of personality with soul as the creation of authentic power. He asserts that a transformation of humanity is underway from a species limited to five-sense perceptions into a species that is much wider and broader, coming from a position of authentic power. Join us on Tuesday nights as we embark on a new journey of discovery and wonder with Gary Zukav. We meet at 6 pm at Walton’s in Gardnerville for 30 minutes of socializing and then embark on our study. This group is more than twenty-strong, has been meeting consistently since 2003, and we welcome newcomers! Love offerings are accepted and split three ways between Rev. Larry Schneider, our facilitator and moderator, Walton’s, and Unity of the Sierra. Call the UOS office for additional information at 841-2221.